Monday, 9 March 2015

Romford MP Gets £59,000 From Foreign Governments

It seems to have gone up to £59,000 Mr Rosindell !
The people of Romford still haven't had a satisfactory response concerning Mr Rosindell's parliamentary expenses.  The Daily Telegraph reported his use of his family home in Romford as his "main home" when, in fact, he has a flat in London. Mr Rosindell does not live in Stoke, he doesn't need extra accomodation, he lives a commuting distance from central london which is a journey to work that thousands of his constituents make every working day !

Now it is revealed by the Romford Labour Party in their latest Labour Rose newsletter that Mr Rosindell received £59,000 of donations from foreign governments in the last three years. Mr Rosindell is one of Westminster's most travelled MPs having joined just about every Commonwealth-related interest group possible. 
Sam Gould
Sam Gould, Labour's young candidate for Romford in the general election in May, said "Whilst our MP has been on holiday I have spoken to residents in Romford. People are concerned about Queen's hospital, the shortage of school places and the cost of living crisis. We need an MP who lives in Romford, listens to people and will solve these problems NOW ! This is what I pledge to do."

The newsletter adds that Mr Rosindell (or "squirrel nutkin" as some locals angry at his finances are calling him) has asked some 196 questions about Gibraltar. Clearly Mr Rosindell wants to impress his target audience in the armed services with his expert knowledge of military strategy but is he just another loose cannon fighting wars with other people's sons and daughters. Mr Rosindell and many of his vocal flag-waving supporters have no military service at all but are very keen on encouraging the recruitment of others.