Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Failure Vocabulary Of Post-Privatisation Britain

Thatcherism Will Break-Up The UK
 Margaret Thatcher is held by the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell to have been a great problem-solver setting Britain on the right path. However the language of Britain today is not about role models, solutions and greatness but constant reference to struggle and hardship. Even the United Kingdom itself is under threat due to Mrs Thatcher and the hate she created in Scotland.

The phrases I hear the most are debt-burden Britain, food bank Britain, rip-off Britain and many more courtesy of the Thatcherite thinkers of the 1980s "economic revolution".  It is the language of failure and it is the language that Andrew Rosindell MP must want British citizens to use in his unwavering support for Margaret Thatcher.   Now the UK itself is under threat courtesy of Mrs Thatcher and the hatred she created in Scotland with 1.6 million Scots voting for independence.

Nobody Helped The SNP Like Margaret Thatcher
Despite all the patriotic flag-waving of Thatcherism and the constant references to the "British national interest" Margaret Thatcher and her cronies are responsible for creating the biggest and most effective movement to break up the Union between England and Scotland since it was formed in 1707.  The SNP will not go away and Thatcherites still wave their flags today like demented groupies of a tired celebrity completely unmoved by the electoral facts of a disappearing United Kingdom. The KGB could not have designed a plot more effective at breaking up the United Kingdom than Margaret Thatcher and her sheep-like supporters such as Andrew Rosindell MP. 

Mr Rosindell Has A Good Life Waving Flags
We say that Mr Rosindell's future does not lie in politics at all as he seems to regard himself as a cheerleader of others whether it is the Queen, Margaret Thatcher or the uniformed services. Mindless flag-wavers like Andrew Rosindell MP and his supporters have other career paths available to them rather than taking a valuable place in our parliament. The world faces complex and corrupt forces of such a sophistication and capability that the British citizen deserves nothing less than the very best minds facing the many and varied threats to our well-being.  We need thinkers not mascots - time for Andrew Rosindell MP to stand down from parliament and pursue his mascot career elsewhere.   

Food Bank Britain

Rip-Off Britain

Debt-Burden Britain

UK Survives ! Says The Express

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