Friday, 30 January 2015

Havering Residents Reject Royalist Conservative Plan To Rename Streets


Our previous post highlighted the anger that Collier Row residents felt about the proposed council plan to spend £130,000 of public money renaming the streets to honour the Queen and the Commonwealth.  Today the Romford Recorder's front page demonstrates that public anger.

The announcement to spend our money on this ridiculous scheme comes after Havering council had announced cuts in council services of £60 MILLION !!

Romford's royalist MP ANDREW ROSINDELL, even if he is in the UK, hasn't said a word about the project despite his concerted efforts to build his reputation as an expert in royal affairs.  The plan has caused deep resentment towards Buckingham Palace.

The Romford recorder reports local Collier Row residents condemning the plan as "a complete waste of tax payers money",  a "stupid idea", and a "vanity project".

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Elizabeth Peacock - Another Knife In The Back For Margaret Thatcher

Nobody Helped The SNP Like Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher is dead. The history of the greedy me culture of the 1980s is now being "revised" by former MP's who, at the time, were fervently shouting support. Support for the mass sell-off of underpriced government assets from the full troughs of pig-farmer Margaret Thatcher. Elizabeth Peacock, one of the Conservative Party's leading woman MP's from the 1980s, uses her book to now conveniently distance herself from her former political heroine.

With 1.6 million Scots confirming the much-anticipated strong vote for Scottish independence in the recent referendum Elizabeth Peacock clearly felt the need to "re-assess" her politics and create some distance between herself and Margaret Thatcher. A very different mood to the unquestioning praise of her we are so used to from tory MPs. Yorkshire isn't all that far from Scotland after all.

Nothing More Than A Thief
Nobody helped the SNP like Margaret Thatcher and Elizabeth Peacock knows it. In the quoted article below Elizabeth Peacock uses the now VERY WORN theme that "politics needs to change" having now been said by many former politicians and commentators. "Politics needs to change" was the message of Margaret Thatcher and thatcherism was the CHOSEN CHANGE that Elizabeth Peacock supported. Now the former MP for Batley and Spen points out that the consequences of Thatcherism should be of CONCERN  - We already know Elizabeth Peacock ! We already know that the Conservative Party and Thatcherism wasn't the "change" that the country needed and it still isn't ! WHY DID YOU SUPPORT IT !

In the Yorkshire Post, Elizabeth Peacock wrote

"HAVING recently re-assessed my political positioning across the last 30 years to write an autobiography evaluating the successes and failures of the Thatcher and Major years, I have come to the opinion that British politics will have to change. 

Our major parties are heading for difficulties and urgently need to rethink their policies and attitudes. The major objective in writing my book was to create a family archive explaining my distinctly different political approach, how this was accepted in the Thatcher/Major era and how it might be appropriate today.

This review confirmed that our current political system, its parties and their management of Parliament is failing the very people they were established to serve. People who are politically aware note that an undercurrent of failure is developing prompting voters to look elsewhere for government. The successes of BNP at the last European election in Yorkshire and the Humber demonstrated this and the current rise and rise of Ukip emphasises this, with no lasting response from the traditional parties.

This developing demand for change requires the people’s views to be heard. In general, the public have little interest in politics and have no time for politicians and Parliament."

Elizabeth Peacock was the Conservative MP for Batley and Spen from 1983 until 1997.

Elizabeth Peacock writing in Yorkshire Post

Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Failure Vocabulary Of Post-Privatisation Britain

Thatcherism Will Break-Up The UK
 Margaret Thatcher is held by the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell to have been a great problem-solver setting Britain on the right path. However the language of Britain today is not about role models, solutions and greatness but constant reference to struggle and hardship. Even the United Kingdom itself is under threat due to Mrs Thatcher and the hate she created in Scotland.

The phrases I hear the most are debt-burden Britain, food bank Britain, rip-off Britain and many more courtesy of the Thatcherite thinkers of the 1980s "economic revolution".  It is the language of failure and it is the language that Andrew Rosindell MP must want British citizens to use in his unwavering support for Margaret Thatcher.   Now the UK itself is under threat courtesy of Mrs Thatcher and the hatred she created in Scotland with 1.6 million Scots voting for independence.

Nobody Helped The SNP Like Margaret Thatcher
Despite all the patriotic flag-waving of Thatcherism and the constant references to the "British national interest" Margaret Thatcher and her cronies are responsible for creating the biggest and most effective movement to break up the Union between England and Scotland since it was formed in 1707.  The SNP will not go away and Thatcherites still wave their flags today like demented groupies of a tired celebrity completely unmoved by the electoral facts of a disappearing United Kingdom. The KGB could not have designed a plot more effective at breaking up the United Kingdom than Margaret Thatcher and her sheep-like supporters such as Andrew Rosindell MP. 

Mr Rosindell Has A Good Life Waving Flags
We say that Mr Rosindell's future does not lie in politics at all as he seems to regard himself as a cheerleader of others whether it is the Queen, Margaret Thatcher or the uniformed services. Mindless flag-wavers like Andrew Rosindell MP and his supporters have other career paths available to them rather than taking a valuable place in our parliament. The world faces complex and corrupt forces of such a sophistication and capability that the British citizen deserves nothing less than the very best minds facing the many and varied threats to our well-being.  We need thinkers not mascots - time for Andrew Rosindell MP to stand down from parliament and pursue his mascot career elsewhere.   

Food Bank Britain

Rip-Off Britain

Debt-Burden Britain

UK Survives ! Says The Express

Friday, 2 January 2015

Several High Profile Murders, Deaths and Other Incidents Linked To Havering - Why ??

In our first article, October 2012, the Havering Witness describes the criminal events that inspired the launch of the online publication. Our first article tells how the death of Havering journalist John Bauldie in the Matthew Harding (former Chelsea FC vice-chair) helicopter crash is thought linked to alleged criminal orchestration at Havering College of Further and Higher Education and its further background links to irish activism in Havering.

Now Dave West,  Romford's own "Booze Cruise King" has been murdered and we discover that the killer of soldier Lee Rigby, Michael Adebolajo, was brought up in Romford and attended Marshalls Park School, the same school as the MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell.

Since the death of John Bauldie and Matthew Harding in 1996 we have seen a number of very high-profile tragedies all with links to Havering - Why ? The police don't seem to care. We list them below:

1) The Murder Of Soldier Lee Rigby in May 2013

Lee Rigby was murdered by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in Woolwich in 2013.  Adebolajo is an ex-pupil of MARSHALLS PARK school in Romford, HAVERING as was the Romford MP ANDREW ROSINDELL.  Mr Adebolajo was "best friends" at school with fellow pupil and later Iraq fatality Kirk Redpath of the Irish Guards.  The BBC and Sky News both reported that Lee Rigby's death "could not have been prevented" following the publication of a report on the involvement of the Security Service (MI5) with Adebolajo after his arrest in Kenya. The report DID NOT consider Adebolajo's school links to Havering despite Adebolajo himself stating that the death of his school friend Kirk Redpath in Iraq had made him angry at the British government.  

Please read our article Report Clears MI5 Of Wrong-Doing

2) The Murder of Entrepreneur David West in December 2014

Murder Victim Dave West
Dave West, the "booze-cruise" multi-millionaire who started his business career in Romford Market, HAVERING was found dead in his £2.5 million Mayfair home with a single stab wound. His son, also named David West, has been charged with his father's murder.  Murder victim David West built his fortune in Europe selling cheap tobacco and alcohol through his Calais-based business Eastenders. Eastenders also created its own wine brands "The Dogs Bollocks" and "Menage a Trois".   Having built his fortune in Europe Mr West could hardly be described as a Euro-sceptic. Romford MP Andrew Rosindell and his supporters pride themselves on their anti-EU credentials which include working for Bill Cash MP at the European Foundation (EF). Mr Rosindell was also made a Freeman of the City of London following years of employment at the EF.

Please read newspaper reports The Mirror , Daily Mail , Evening Standard

3) The Ongoing Mental Health Problems Of Former Havering-resident Frank Bruno

Poor Mental Health Is Common
Frank Bruno used to live in HAVERING on the Emerson Park estate much to the consternation of the Havering Conservative Party. The Havering Conservative Party representatives of the Emerson Park estate, along with their friends in the police, are alleged to have been the source of the alleged attempted criminal "fix" to close Havering College of Further and Higher Education by the orchestration of crime at the college. As we stated earlier these events are the reason that the Havering Witness online publication was launched.  These events are alleged to be linked, we believe, not only to the mental breakdown of former World Champion Boxer Frank Bruno but also to the death of Matthew Harding.  Frank Bruno was "not welcome" on the exclusive Emerson Park estate.

Please read newspaper reports Champ Frank Bruno Helps Others In Their Fight For Mental Health

Why won't Mr Rosindell offer evidence on his colleagues ?
What is the underlying theme that links these events with links to Havering ? The Havering Witness says it is the political agenda of the Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Party that have dominated politics in the London Borough of Havering for decades.  When will Andrew Rosindell MP; former Conservative local councillors Peter Gardner and Eric Munday; Havering police commanders; the London Mayors Association and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex (in Havering) ever be questioned about serious allegations of corruption that just won't go away ?