Thursday, 3 December 2015

Former Aide To Andrew Rosindell MP Linked To Suicide Of Elliott Johnson

Elliott Johnson (right, Daily Mail photo)
Andre Walker, a former aide to Andrew Rosindell MP, has been linked to the suicide of tory activist Elliott Johnson by several national newspapers. Mr Walker is previously known to have assisted Mr Rosindell, who is thought to be gay, in defining his political stance towards gay marriage and civil partnerships.  Mr Rosindell frequently appeals to traditional values in his campaiging but many observers are confused by persistent rumours about Mr Rosindell's private life conflicting with his public political image of a monarchist Conservative with full support for christian family values.

Elliott Johnson took his own life on a railway track in Bedfordshire last September following a series of rows and complaints about bullying within the Conservative Party.  Andre Walker is one of two names most linked to the bullying that is claimed to be the reason for Mr Johnson taking his own life.

Andrew Rosindell MP has made no public comment on the suicide or the link to claims of bullying by one of his former aides.
No Comment On Andre Walker ? Even in an inquiry ?

Andre Walker speaking on behalf of Andrew Rosindell MP

Daily Mail report on suicide of Elliott Johnson

Evening Standard report on suicide of Elliott Johnson

Metro report on suicide of Elliott Johnson

Friday, 30 October 2015

Deaths of journalists Jill Dando, Veronica Guerin and John Bauldie "linked" to Matthew Harding

Three Journalists Linked To Matthew Harding Killed.

Murder of Jill Dando linked to helping Harding ?
The Havering Witness justice campaign was founded by an eye-witness to criminal orchestration in the London Borough of Havering in the 1980s . Matthew Harding learnt of the scandal via his friend John Bauldie.  The local Conservative Party assisted by senior police officers carried out a criminal orchestration plan to close the college because of its proximity to the wealthy Emerson Park estate. 

The Daily Star has reported that murdered journalists Jill Dando and Veronica Guerin had been in contact with Matthew Harding prior to their deaths.

Later another journalist, John Bauldie, was killed alongside Harding in a helicopter crash. John Bauldie was the domestic partner of Biology lecturer Penny Garner who worked at Havering College of Further Education. John Bauldie is alleged to have been "investigated" by police or ex-police officers looking for sleaze as part of the plan to try and close the college.  Mr Bauldie's name is thought to have been sent to the FBI due to his writings and fanzine about musician Bob Dylan. Mr Bauldie was also on the launch staff of Q magazine.  

Daily star report of Harding link to Jill Dando and Veronica Guerin

Our first article about Harding links to Havering via journalist John Bauldie

Saturday, 26 September 2015

"Rumoured to be gay" Andrew Rosindell MP Says Traditional Marriage Is Best For Society - Why doesn't he confirm his sexual orientation ?

Havering Witness Supports Traditional Heterosexual Parenting
The "rumoured to be gay" MP for Romford, Andrew Rosindell, has called Havering's unmarried parents statistics "disappointing".  The new statistics from the Office of National Statistics show that 49% of babies born in Havering were to parents who are not married or in a civil partnership. These figures show Havering to be the WORST of all the 32 London Boroughs for single parents (from report by Emma Lake, p.21 Romford Recorder, 25/9/15). Andrew Rosindell MP, who is heavily rumoured to be gay, made no reference to gay adoptions and  said "I'm  a firm supporter of traditional marriage, and I believe it is always best for children if their parents are married. Marriage binds people together in a way that goes beyond just a long-term relationship, and helps to provide stability .. .The figures released for single parents in Havering are therefore disappointing".

The Havering Witness and the majority of Havering voters ALREADY KNOW that traditional heterosexual parents are best for a child - do we need the "rumoured to be gay" MP for Romford to imply that ? Mr Rosindell is also very keen on encouraging young people to join the armed forces BUT needless to say he has NO MILITARY SERVICE himself.

We say that Mr Rosindell has a number of very serious contradictions with the traditional royalist christian conservatism he CLAIMS to represent:

  • ROSINDELL is rumoured to be gay and there is no confirmation of his sexual orientation, BUT he makes reference to the importance of traditional marriage for parenting and role models generally.  How can the unclear Mr Rosindell represent the best interests of parents looking for leadership on family issues ?
  • ROSINDELL makes perpetual references to the armed services and the police and encourages young people to join up but has no military or police service himself. How can the civilian Rosindell represent the best interests of the armed services ?  
  •  ROSINDELL makes constant reference to his firm support of the Queen and royal family but also claims to be an admirer of Margaret Thatcher whose policies in Scotland have cause the biggest rift in the British union of nations since its creation. The SNP have returned a staggering 56 out of the 59 possible Scottish MPs to Westminster. 
We say that Andrew Rosindell MP is a main of unsustainable contradictions and SHOULD NOT be the MP for Romford or anywhere else. 

 Rosindell is keen on EVERBODY ELSE joining up

Havering conservatives put lives at risk in college scandal

Rosindell rumoured to be gay

Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Unpleasant Comments Of Aviation Enthusiasts About Shoreham Air Crash Deaths

It has been revealed that the Red Arrows decline to perform at Shoreham Air Show because it is considered "too dangerous".
Daily Mirror Photo Of Shoreham Air Crash
In response to Sky News article Air Shows To Be "Significantly Restricted" (see below) the following comments were made by aviation enthusiasts using anonymous names who differ greatly to the general public who wished to visit Shoreham for a safe day out only with no particular expectations from the pilots / aircraft. Note that the comments below are all concerned with the continuation of their aviation interest only and NOT PUBLIC SAFETY - surely this is an offence like protecting dangerous driving ? 

Linked comments made to Sky News article, click Sky News Article

1) Comment by Cottonweaver
 I wonder if;-
 a), the media el al will create such a clamour when the next motorway pile up happens....

 b) if as a result all roads, including motorways, will be restricted to a maximum of 30 mph... indefinitely.
And Sky news have trawled back to the Farnborough air display accident of 1952 and given details of incidents and casualties.
To keep a true perspective and in the interests of fairness and safety would it not be appropriate to also give details of the total road traffic accident casuality figures in the same timeframe as a comparison.

Pilot Andy Hill Whose Plane Killed 11 Innocent People
2) Comment by GlobalHawk
I was waiting for this knee jerk reaction from the CAA, bowing to intense Govt pressure based on largely sensationalist and inaccurate media reporting. Until the cause is identified, which at the moment it isn't, ground all Hunters and Gnats. Hundreds of displays take place every year in the UK in front of 100's of thousands of spectators with this type of historical aircraft. The UK already has stringent regulations in place for air displays and this was a tragic accident. Some of these supposed experts the press are speaking to don't have a clue when it comes to the facts behind this and their level of expertise

3).Comment by arharvey72

Complete knee jerk. Nothing is 100% safe.

4) Comments by dewing5

The Plane Before It Crashed On A Heavily Populated Narrow Strip Of Road
Also these restrictions are going to spoil airshows for everyone else. Everyone is looking for someone to blame, what is wrong with this country, it was an accident. Could have been a lorry that ploughed into everyone would you call to ban lorries.  They keep in about the red arrows, they were never supposed to be there in the first place, shore ham wasn't on their list of airshows

5) Comment by Peter2207

This is just a knee jerk reaction following a tragic accident. I don't see them shutting Gatwick and Heathrow which have hundreds of planes every day flying over motorways on the way into land. Surely there is more chance of a 747 having engine failure and crashing onto the motorway than there was of Saturday's accident at Shoreham?

6) Comment by Elephant Man
 Ridiculous, I was waiting for this typical knee jerk reaction we frequently see in this country. Why don't we stop planes flying that will make us all safer!

The world is not a sterile environment and unfortunately accidents do happen. This is tragic but the reality is that the people who died were at a much greater risk on their car journey than they ever were of having a fighter jet land on them and we don't limit cars to 10mph do we!

------ End of extracted aviation enthusiast comments

We condemn the the above comments made by aviation enthusiasts we would like to simply remember the innocent victims of the Shoreham air crash announced so far and call for public safeyy to be the paramount consideration of all air shows and NOT the hobbies of a select few.

Sky News article with unpleasant comments from aviation enthusiasts

Red Arrows Deemed Shoreham Air Show Too Dangerous For Display

Shoreham IsToo Dangerous !! Daily Express Reports RED ARROWS REFUSAL to perform at Shoreham 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Journalist Nicholas Hair infers public expectations are cause of Shoreham Air Show deaths !

Pilot Andy Hill Whose Plane Killed Innocent People
The Shoreham air crash disaster has resulted in the loss of eleven innocent lives. Unbelievably, transport journalist Nicholas Hair has inferred that the public are to BLAME for the Shoreham crash !

In contrast to the inference of Nicholas Hair on Radio 5 live, the general public DO NOT demand that vintage aircraft MUST be flown beyond their safe limits. The general public DO NOT want ANY DISASTERS to happen at a public air show - they want a safe day out. We think Mr Hair's outburst on Radio 5 Live illustrates the arrogant attitudes within the aviation community.   

Road Side Tributes To The Innocent Shoreham Victims
Speaking on Radio 5 Live Transport Journalist Nicholas Hair said "Public shouldn't expect manoeuvres from old planes". People expect to see "barrel rolls and loop the loops" at air shows despite the age of some of the planes involved, says aviation journalist Nicholas Hair. He said although ex-military aircraft do have a longer shelf-life than commercial aircraft, the public should be "a bit more sensitive" to the age of "museum pieces" participating in air shows. Speaking about the safety of air shows, Mr Hair said he would "hate" for shows which raise "raise thousands of pounds for charities every year" to be stopped because of a "freak accident."The final death toll of the accident is still to be confirmed. 

Twitter tweets from journalist Nicholas Hair 
Twitter photo of Nicholas Hair

  Aug 23  
Andddddddd relax. Thanks to Breakfast and Five Live for having me this morning - I hope that we have dispelled plenty of speculation.

Come on, Pilot Hills. Keep fighting.

With the Airshow cancelled today, please consider donating to so that they can continue to do their excellent work

The First Innocent Victims Reported
BBC reports that first Shoreham victims named are Matt Jones (left) and Matthew Grimstone (right).  In a tribute, Sue and Phil Grimstone said: "The family are in total shock at losing our dearest son Matthew so tragically at 23 years old. "He was the kindest person you could ever meet, with a great wit. "In his 23 years, we can honestly say he never lost his temper." Speaking on Facebook, Mr Jones' sister Becky said: "We are devastated to say Matt Jones was one of the fatalities."

A further 14 people were injured, four of whom were taken to hospital, when the jet crashed on the A27 at 13:20 BST.

Journalist NIcholas Hair Blames Public

Eye-Witness Accounts Of Crash

Tributes Paid to Victims

Victims Mother Calls For All Air Shows To Take Place Over Sea

Friday, 21 August 2015

Simon Abney-Hastings - Long Live The Rightful King of England

Did you know that an Australian citizen is purported to be the rightful King of England ? Simon Abney-Hastings is apparently the King of England following the sad death of his father Michael in 2012.

King Simon Abney-Hastings ?
The Telegraph reports that "Simon Abney-Hastings, the 15th Earl of Loudon, is a 37-year-old bachelor who works for a fabrics company in the town of Wangaratta, about 140 miles from Melbourne. He said he was aware he was "possibly" the rightful king but would prefer not to take the throne."

In 2004 a Channel 4 documentary suggested that King Edward IV was conceived illegitamately and the crown should have passed to the Plantagenet line which eventually ends at the Abney-Hastings family in Australia.

What has this to do with Havering you might ask ? Well the Royal Liberty of Havering charter of 1465 was issued by King Edward IV.  As King Edward IV is not regarded as a true king due to his illegitamacy then the 1465 Charter is not valid.  The local royalist community are always keen to quote the "legal freedoms" of a royal liberty charter as a political and cultural slight against parliament but this conduct can be potentially declared formerly illegal and hence a potential criminal offense. 

Simon Abney-Hastings (from wikipedia)

Simon Abney-Hastings claim to the throne of England ?

Michael Abney Hastings Sadly Dies

The Jerilderie Man Who Could Have Been King

Twitter Account Of Righful King Of England

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Andrew Rosindell MP - An Advocate of Everbody Else Joining The Armed Services

Rosindell's "Inspiration" Advising Margaret Thatcher
Andrew Rosindell MP prides himself on his patriotism but needless to say he has NO UNIFORMED NATIONAL SERVICE OF HIS OWN like many flag-wavers in the Romford Conservative Party he talks a lot about national service but there was never any real prospect of HIM (or any of the big mouths in Romford Conservative Party circles) ever joining up themselves.  However they think it is of the HIGHEST IMPORTANCE that OTHER PEOPLE and their children DO JOIN.

The opportunities that Mr Rosindell has taken to encourage OTHER PEOPLE'S children to join the armed services and police must number in the tens of thousands and Mr Rosindell's political fortunes are linked to it.. Mr Rosindell is the "king of subsidised jaunts" as journalist Simon Heffer described him (reference 1) his lack of national service doesn't stop him arranging endless photo opoortunities with armed services all over the world at the TAX PAYERS EXPENSE.

Lord Archer Was Convicted of Perjury
Perhaps he thinks that flag-waving and encouraging EVERBODY ELSE to join up is one way to sample the good life. Mr Rosindell held a recent "celebration" of his 25 years of "public service" with guest of honour Lord Jeffrey Archer, a friend of Mr Rosindell fo 30 years and "the man who inspired him to become an MP." (3).   There aren't many people in politics today who would call the convicted Lord Jeffrey Archer an "inspiration" perhaps that tells us all we need to know about Andrew Rosindell MP.

 1. Simon Heffer On Rosindell - The "King of Subsidised Jaunts"   

2. Rosindell's "Celebration" of 25 Years "Public Service"

3. Lord Archer Convicted For Perjury

Friday, 8 May 2015

Royalist Rosindell Watches SNP Triumph !

Rosindell accepts his victory and the failure of monarchy ? 
Andrew Rosindell is once again the MP for Romford having won in the 2015 general election with a reduced majority. Royalist Mr Rosindell seems safe in his seat, however that does not appear to be the case for the Queen with the SNP winning 56 of the 59 Scottish constituencies.  In a story line that could have been written by Jonathon Swift, Queen Elizabeth II is emerging as the "Queen who lost Scotland", the British monarch that ruled over the break-up of the union and her champion, the Duke of Edinburgh, is as quiet as a mouse. With such an overwhelming vote for the objectives of the SNP the Scottish people have surely told the British royal family beyond any doubt that they are not welcome in Scotland. The Queen is now at a level of democratic conflict with parliament that hasn't been seen for centuries - not since Oliver Cromwell. The reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her champion the Duke of Edinburgh will surely go down in history as one of the greatest royal failures ever. 

The Queen's Passing of Victoria's record  will be false   
On 9th September 2015 the Queen will "pass the record" for the longest-serving monarch set by Queen Victoria but with last nights election result it is only the delay of parliamentary and Scottish assembly procedure that will see the Queen achieve this milestone. It will be a false record held by a failed Queen with the people of Scotland screaming for her to leave Scotland forever.

How can Mr Rosindell, as a fervent supporter of the Queen, continue to "represent" people in the UK parliament when the very existence of the UK monarchy is in direct democratic conflict with parliament itself.  Surely Mr Rosindell should be treated as a royalist spy and not a true member of parliament in its obeyance of the will of the electorate - that electorate has firmly rejected the UK monarchy with record-breaking delight.            

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Poll Shows Unpopularity Of Andrew Rosindell MP

Our local community poll on shows a large majority of local residents want Rosindell out. 

Streetlife Poll - Large Majority Want Rosindell OUT !

Monday, 9 March 2015

Romford MP Gets £59,000 From Foreign Governments

It seems to have gone up to £59,000 Mr Rosindell !
The people of Romford still haven't had a satisfactory response concerning Mr Rosindell's parliamentary expenses.  The Daily Telegraph reported his use of his family home in Romford as his "main home" when, in fact, he has a flat in London. Mr Rosindell does not live in Stoke, he doesn't need extra accomodation, he lives a commuting distance from central london which is a journey to work that thousands of his constituents make every working day !

Now it is revealed by the Romford Labour Party in their latest Labour Rose newsletter that Mr Rosindell received £59,000 of donations from foreign governments in the last three years. Mr Rosindell is one of Westminster's most travelled MPs having joined just about every Commonwealth-related interest group possible. 
Sam Gould
Sam Gould, Labour's young candidate for Romford in the general election in May, said "Whilst our MP has been on holiday I have spoken to residents in Romford. People are concerned about Queen's hospital, the shortage of school places and the cost of living crisis. We need an MP who lives in Romford, listens to people and will solve these problems NOW ! This is what I pledge to do."

The newsletter adds that Mr Rosindell (or "squirrel nutkin" as some locals angry at his finances are calling him) has asked some 196 questions about Gibraltar. Clearly Mr Rosindell wants to impress his target audience in the armed services with his expert knowledge of military strategy but is he just another loose cannon fighting wars with other people's sons and daughters. Mr Rosindell and many of his vocal flag-waving supporters have no military service at all but are very keen on encouraging the recruitment of others.      

Friday, 13 February 2015

Over 90% Of Those Polled Reject Spending Money On The Queen !

Spend Your Own Money On the Queen Mr Rosindell !
The Queen has received a massive vote against her receiving yet another honour at our expense. On a poll was held asking Havering people about the £130,000 Havering Council plan to spend renaming streets and flats in honour of the Queen, people were asked

Do you think this is a good use of public money when  the Council has also announced £60 million in cuts ?

Over 90% said NO ! 

See Poll Results Here

Friday, 30 January 2015

Havering Residents Reject Royalist Conservative Plan To Rename Streets


Our previous post highlighted the anger that Collier Row residents felt about the proposed council plan to spend £130,000 of public money renaming the streets to honour the Queen and the Commonwealth.  Today the Romford Recorder's front page demonstrates that public anger.

The announcement to spend our money on this ridiculous scheme comes after Havering council had announced cuts in council services of £60 MILLION !!

Romford's royalist MP ANDREW ROSINDELL, even if he is in the UK, hasn't said a word about the project despite his concerted efforts to build his reputation as an expert in royal affairs.  The plan has caused deep resentment towards Buckingham Palace.

The Romford recorder reports local Collier Row residents condemning the plan as "a complete waste of tax payers money",  a "stupid idea", and a "vanity project".

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Elizabeth Peacock - Another Knife In The Back For Margaret Thatcher

Nobody Helped The SNP Like Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher is dead. The history of the greedy me culture of the 1980s is now being "revised" by former MP's who, at the time, were fervently shouting support. Support for the mass sell-off of underpriced government assets from the full troughs of pig-farmer Margaret Thatcher. Elizabeth Peacock, one of the Conservative Party's leading woman MP's from the 1980s, uses her book to now conveniently distance herself from her former political heroine.

With 1.6 million Scots confirming the much-anticipated strong vote for Scottish independence in the recent referendum Elizabeth Peacock clearly felt the need to "re-assess" her politics and create some distance between herself and Margaret Thatcher. A very different mood to the unquestioning praise of her we are so used to from tory MPs. Yorkshire isn't all that far from Scotland after all.

Nothing More Than A Thief
Nobody helped the SNP like Margaret Thatcher and Elizabeth Peacock knows it. In the quoted article below Elizabeth Peacock uses the now VERY WORN theme that "politics needs to change" having now been said by many former politicians and commentators. "Politics needs to change" was the message of Margaret Thatcher and thatcherism was the CHOSEN CHANGE that Elizabeth Peacock supported. Now the former MP for Batley and Spen points out that the consequences of Thatcherism should be of CONCERN  - We already know Elizabeth Peacock ! We already know that the Conservative Party and Thatcherism wasn't the "change" that the country needed and it still isn't ! WHY DID YOU SUPPORT IT !

In the Yorkshire Post, Elizabeth Peacock wrote

"HAVING recently re-assessed my political positioning across the last 30 years to write an autobiography evaluating the successes and failures of the Thatcher and Major years, I have come to the opinion that British politics will have to change. 

Our major parties are heading for difficulties and urgently need to rethink their policies and attitudes. The major objective in writing my book was to create a family archive explaining my distinctly different political approach, how this was accepted in the Thatcher/Major era and how it might be appropriate today.

This review confirmed that our current political system, its parties and their management of Parliament is failing the very people they were established to serve. People who are politically aware note that an undercurrent of failure is developing prompting voters to look elsewhere for government. The successes of BNP at the last European election in Yorkshire and the Humber demonstrated this and the current rise and rise of Ukip emphasises this, with no lasting response from the traditional parties.

This developing demand for change requires the people’s views to be heard. In general, the public have little interest in politics and have no time for politicians and Parliament."

Elizabeth Peacock was the Conservative MP for Batley and Spen from 1983 until 1997.

Elizabeth Peacock writing in Yorkshire Post

Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Failure Vocabulary Of Post-Privatisation Britain

Thatcherism Will Break-Up The UK
 Margaret Thatcher is held by the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell to have been a great problem-solver setting Britain on the right path. However the language of Britain today is not about role models, solutions and greatness but constant reference to struggle and hardship. Even the United Kingdom itself is under threat due to Mrs Thatcher and the hate she created in Scotland.

The phrases I hear the most are debt-burden Britain, food bank Britain, rip-off Britain and many more courtesy of the Thatcherite thinkers of the 1980s "economic revolution".  It is the language of failure and it is the language that Andrew Rosindell MP must want British citizens to use in his unwavering support for Margaret Thatcher.   Now the UK itself is under threat courtesy of Mrs Thatcher and the hatred she created in Scotland with 1.6 million Scots voting for independence.

Nobody Helped The SNP Like Margaret Thatcher
Despite all the patriotic flag-waving of Thatcherism and the constant references to the "British national interest" Margaret Thatcher and her cronies are responsible for creating the biggest and most effective movement to break up the Union between England and Scotland since it was formed in 1707.  The SNP will not go away and Thatcherites still wave their flags today like demented groupies of a tired celebrity completely unmoved by the electoral facts of a disappearing United Kingdom. The KGB could not have designed a plot more effective at breaking up the United Kingdom than Margaret Thatcher and her sheep-like supporters such as Andrew Rosindell MP. 

Mr Rosindell Has A Good Life Waving Flags
We say that Mr Rosindell's future does not lie in politics at all as he seems to regard himself as a cheerleader of others whether it is the Queen, Margaret Thatcher or the uniformed services. Mindless flag-wavers like Andrew Rosindell MP and his supporters have other career paths available to them rather than taking a valuable place in our parliament. The world faces complex and corrupt forces of such a sophistication and capability that the British citizen deserves nothing less than the very best minds facing the many and varied threats to our well-being.  We need thinkers not mascots - time for Andrew Rosindell MP to stand down from parliament and pursue his mascot career elsewhere.   

Food Bank Britain

Rip-Off Britain

Debt-Burden Britain

UK Survives ! Says The Express

Friday, 2 January 2015

Several High Profile Murders, Deaths and Other Incidents Linked To Havering - Why ??

In our first article, October 2012, the Havering Witness describes the criminal events that inspired the launch of the online publication. Our first article tells how the death of Havering journalist John Bauldie in the Matthew Harding (former Chelsea FC vice-chair) helicopter crash is thought linked to alleged criminal orchestration at Havering College of Further and Higher Education and its further background links to irish activism in Havering.

Now Dave West,  Romford's own "Booze Cruise King" has been murdered and we discover that the killer of soldier Lee Rigby, Michael Adebolajo, was brought up in Romford and attended Marshalls Park School, the same school as the MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell.

Since the death of John Bauldie and Matthew Harding in 1996 we have seen a number of very high-profile tragedies all with links to Havering - Why ? The police don't seem to care. We list them below:

1) The Murder Of Soldier Lee Rigby in May 2013

Lee Rigby was murdered by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in Woolwich in 2013.  Adebolajo is an ex-pupil of MARSHALLS PARK school in Romford, HAVERING as was the Romford MP ANDREW ROSINDELL.  Mr Adebolajo was "best friends" at school with fellow pupil and later Iraq fatality Kirk Redpath of the Irish Guards.  The BBC and Sky News both reported that Lee Rigby's death "could not have been prevented" following the publication of a report on the involvement of the Security Service (MI5) with Adebolajo after his arrest in Kenya. The report DID NOT consider Adebolajo's school links to Havering despite Adebolajo himself stating that the death of his school friend Kirk Redpath in Iraq had made him angry at the British government.  

Please read our article Report Clears MI5 Of Wrong-Doing

2) The Murder of Entrepreneur David West in December 2014

Murder Victim Dave West
Dave West, the "booze-cruise" multi-millionaire who started his business career in Romford Market, HAVERING was found dead in his £2.5 million Mayfair home with a single stab wound. His son, also named David West, has been charged with his father's murder.  Murder victim David West built his fortune in Europe selling cheap tobacco and alcohol through his Calais-based business Eastenders. Eastenders also created its own wine brands "The Dogs Bollocks" and "Menage a Trois".   Having built his fortune in Europe Mr West could hardly be described as a Euro-sceptic. Romford MP Andrew Rosindell and his supporters pride themselves on their anti-EU credentials which include working for Bill Cash MP at the European Foundation (EF). Mr Rosindell was also made a Freeman of the City of London following years of employment at the EF.

Please read newspaper reports The Mirror , Daily Mail , Evening Standard

3) The Ongoing Mental Health Problems Of Former Havering-resident Frank Bruno

Poor Mental Health Is Common
Frank Bruno used to live in HAVERING on the Emerson Park estate much to the consternation of the Havering Conservative Party. The Havering Conservative Party representatives of the Emerson Park estate, along with their friends in the police, are alleged to have been the source of the alleged attempted criminal "fix" to close Havering College of Further and Higher Education by the orchestration of crime at the college. As we stated earlier these events are the reason that the Havering Witness online publication was launched.  These events are alleged to be linked, we believe, not only to the mental breakdown of former World Champion Boxer Frank Bruno but also to the death of Matthew Harding.  Frank Bruno was "not welcome" on the exclusive Emerson Park estate.

Please read newspaper reports Champ Frank Bruno Helps Others In Their Fight For Mental Health

Why won't Mr Rosindell offer evidence on his colleagues ?
What is the underlying theme that links these events with links to Havering ? The Havering Witness says it is the political agenda of the Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Party that have dominated politics in the London Borough of Havering for decades.  When will Andrew Rosindell MP; former Conservative local councillors Peter Gardner and Eric Munday; Havering police commanders; the London Mayors Association and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex (in Havering) ever be questioned about serious allegations of corruption that just won't go away ?