Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The University of Essex Was Also A Target Of Criminal Attacks In The 1980s

Havering College - The victim of criminal attacks
The Havering Witness was founded to bring those responsible for the criminal attacks on Havering College of Further and Higher Education in the 1980s to justice (our first article October 2012 describes how the cover-up of the criminal orchestration behind the attacks spiralled to include unjust police investigations, looking for "sleaze",  of staff members at the college - the issue reached Matthew Harding former vice-chair of Chelsea FC - see link to October 2012 article below).

University of Essex - Attacked At The Same Time
The Havering Witness has also discovered that while Havering college was under attack the University of Essex was also subject to attacks on staff and property including the discharge of shotguns, vehicle sabotage, heating equipment sabotage, power supply sabotage, arson, theft and personal intimidation of staff and students.  We have been told that the attacks were orchestrated and carried out by members of the Chelmsford and Colchester Conservative party clubs. We have received anonymous information that brothers, Ken and Roy, were involved in the attacks on the University of Essex. The brothers were members of the Chelmsford Conservative Club and active in the Conservative business network throughout the 1980s.  Roy was also linked to Lloyds of London and to various pyramid selling schemes he is now living comfortably in Portugal or Spain. Roy's son Stuart became a marine insurance lawyer covering for oil spills and other marine accidents he now claims to be an "alternative" health practitioner.

Our October 2012 Article Describing Events and Cover-up At Havering College

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