Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Havering College Machine Gun Scandal Won't Go Away !

Retired Conservative (later UKIP defectors) councillors Eric Munday and Peter Gardner are still facing unanswered serious allegations concerning their alleged attempt to close Havering College of Further Education by orchestrating a crime-wave at the college. Munday and Gardner had the assistance of Romford police station and their contacts in ther youth offender / probation service to place known criminals at the college as students. In addition to the youth offender plan they also arranged for criminal activity at the college to increase with the illegal sale of firearms conducted at the college - a machine gun with live ammunition was bought by physics technician Peter Franks from day-release student Graham Langdon (Gould Electronics) witnessed by Physics lecturer John Dixon, Hornchurch -based workshop technician (and local lawn bowls player) Chris Bryant, head of engineering Brian Stead and Head of Science Bill Mansfield. No action was taken against Franks. Graham Langdon was given the suggestion to sell the machine gun into the college by his Gould Electronics workmate Tony Perkiss (then of Lake Rise, Romford) who had asked a member of the Conservative Party (also a resident of Lake Rise - name Francis ?) for advice on disposing of it. Conservative councillor Peter Gardner is said to have been the source of the suggestion to sell the gun into the college as part of the general plan to close the site by creating scandal.

Staff at the college were investigated for "sleaze" and "dirt" by Romford police officers abusing their powers to help the Conservative Party. John Bauldie was the journalist partner of one member of teaching staff, Penny Garner (Biology), and was an expert on Bob Dylan producing a fanzine called The Telegraph. Mr Bauldie later died in the same helicopter crash that killed his friend Matthew Harding.

Neither the police or the local Conservatives have ever faced any investigation of these very serious alleged crimes. Allegations of criminal orchestration at Havering College of Further Education just won't go away !

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