Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Former Secret Nuclear Bunker and Corrupt Power Games

The former secret nuclear bunker at Kelvedon Hatch near Brentwood was used by the Conservative Party and their network to intimidate and criminalise innocent people whilst they protected the children of Irish terrorists.  The bunker is frequently linked to injustices carried out under a false cloak of "security" when it fact security issues had nothing to do with them.  Not only did the innocent residents of Havering have to deal with the manipulation of nuclear bunker security they also were innocently caught up in the pro-IRA network linked to the Irish catholic community in Havering.  Please read our articles on the subject:

(Manipulation of the nuclear bunker to criminalise innocent people is not the only suspicion levelled at the Haberman and Hewitt families of Rise Park, Romford - they also knew about irish weapons / explosives.)

Nuclear Bunker Power Games