Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Woolwich Killer Was School Friend Of Iraq Hero

Classmates who couldn't have been more different: Schoolboy who became Islamic fanatic was best friend of war hero killed in Iraq

  • Michael Adebolajo was schoolfriends with Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath
  • The soldier, 22, was killed when an IED blew up his Land Rover in 2007By Rosie Taylor, Daily Mail 
The man who hacked a soldier to death on a London street was best friends at school with a war hero who died in Iraq. Friends said Michael Adebolajo, who was filmed holding a knife in blood-covered hands after Drummer Lee Rigby was brutally killed in Woolwich on Wednesday, had to be consoled at the funeral of Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath in 2007.

L/Cpl Redpath's younger brother Grant, 26, told The Sun newspaper that Adebolajo went to their house in Romford, Essex, nearly every day after school during his teenage years.

The Havering Witness is puzzled by the closeness of Adebolajo to people who later became soldiers - surely joining the forces would have been part of their conversations as they considered their futures and would not have been a surprise if someone did join. The same person then committed one of the most brutal attacks on a serving soldier on UK soil in living memory.  We can't help thinking that there is another story here, another cause, hidden hands from the local political community interfering with schools with their own agendas that bear little in common with national policy of the elected government. Is a group of anti-Euro, anti-EU nutters the real story behind this sickening violence that has been placed upon the Rigby family for ever more ?