Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Woolwich Killer Was A Prefect At Andrew Rosindell MP's Old School

Michael Adebolajo, one of the convicted murderers of British soldier Lee Rigby attended the same school, Marshalls Park, as the MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell. Locals can't help wondering whether the presence of Mr Rosindell and his network played any role at all in the creation of friction that eventually produced a terrorist and the subsequent murder of Lee Rigby.  Romford is not a place previously known for islamic extremism - why on earth should it produce such a violent terrorist ? It just seems so out of all proportion for the London Borough of Havering. Voters suspect that there is a deeper cause - a hidden truth and further that Mr Rosindell and his network might just known what that truth is - the actions of Michael Adebolajo will take a long time to fade from the Marshalls Park School community.

The Romford Recorder reports that former teachers at Marshalls Park School, in Romford, London, said that Adebolajo had been "popular and had even been a prefect."  Headteacher Pam Mason told the Romford Recorder: “He was a good-natured and easy-going boy. Michael was liked by both staff and peers. He had a strong group of friends but he could mix well with others and he was popular and well liked across a wide range of students. Michael was bright and confident and had a good sense of humour. He had a good work ethic and gained the grades he needed to be accepted on to his chosen courses at Havering Sixth Form College. He enjoyed being at school.”

It does seem strange doesn't it Mr Rosindell or Mr Gardner (Havering conservative councillor) ? Do either of you have any ideas on what may have caused this violent change in outlook ? Will you be holding any public meetings for people to state their concerns ?

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