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The University of Essex Was Also A Target Of Criminal Attacks In The 1980s

Havering College - The victim of criminal attacks
The Havering Witness was founded to bring those responsible for the criminal attacks on Havering College of Further and Higher Education in the 1980s to justice (our first article October 2012 describes how the cover-up of the criminal orchestration behind the attacks spiralled to include unjust police investigations, looking for "sleaze",  of staff members at the college - the issue reached Matthew Harding former vice-chair of Chelsea FC - see link to October 2012 article below).

University of Essex - Attacked At The Same Time
The Havering Witness has also discovered that while Havering college was under attack the University of Essex was also subject to attacks on staff and property including the discharge of shotguns, vehicle sabotage, heating equipment sabotage, power supply sabotage, arson, theft and personal intimidation of staff and students.  We have been told that the attacks were orchestrated and carried out by members of the Chelmsford and Colchester Conservative party clubs. We have received anonymous information that brothers, Ken and Roy, were involved in the attacks on the University of Essex. The brothers were members of the Chelmsford Conservative Club and active in the Conservative business network throughout the 1980s.  Roy was also linked to Lloyds of London and to various pyramid selling schemes he is now living comfortably in Portugal or Spain. Roy's son Stuart became a marine insurance lawyer covering for oil spills and other marine accidents he now claims to be an "alternative" health practitioner.

Our October 2012 Article Describing Events and Cover-up At Havering College

Thursday, 18 December 2014

HAVERING AGAIN ! Yet Another High-Profile Tragedy With Connections To The London Borough of Havering

In our first article, October 2012, the Havering Witness describes the criminal events that inspired the launch of the online publication. Our first article tells how the death of Havering journalist John Bauldie in the Matthew Harding (former Chelsea FC vice-chair) helicopter crash is thought linked to alleged criminal orchestration at Havering College of Further and Higher Education and its further background links to irish activism in Havering.

Since the death of John Bauldie in 1996 we have seen a number of very high-profile tragedies all with links to Havering. We list them here:

1) The Murder Of Soldier Lee Rigby in May 2013

Lee Rigby was murdered by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in Woolwich in 2013.  Adebolajo is an ex-pupil of MARSHALLS PARK school in Romford, HAVERING as was the Romford MP ANDREW ROSINDELL.  Mr Adebolajo was "best friends" at school with fellow pupil and later Iraq fatality Kirk Redpath of the Irish Guards.  The BBC and Sky News both reported that Lee Rigby's death "could not have been prevented" following the publication of a report on the involvement of the Security Service (MI5) with Adebolajo after his arrest in Kenya. The report DID NOT consider Adebolajo's school links to Havering despite Adebolajo himself stating that the death of his school friend Kirk Redpath in Iraq had made him angry at the British government.  

Please read our article Report Clears MI5 Of Wrong-Doing

2) The Murder of Entrepreneur David West in December 2014

Murder Victim Dave West
Dave West, the "booze-cruise" multi-millionaire who started his business career in Romford Market, HAVERING was found dead in his £2.5 million Mayfair home with a single stab wound. His son, also named David West, has been charged with his father's murder.  Murder victim David West built his fortune in Europe selling cheap tobacco and alcohol through his Calais-based business Eastenders. Eastenders also created its own wine brands "The Dogs Bollocks" and "Menage a Trois".   Having built his fortune in Europe Mr West could hardly be described as a Euro-sceptic. Romford MP Andrew Rosindell and his supporters pride themselves on their anti-EU credentials which include working for Bill Cash MP at the European Foundation (EF). Mr Rosindell was also made a Freeman of the City of London following years of employment at the EF.

Please read newspaper reports The Mirror , Daily Mail , Evening Standard

3) The Ongoing Mental Health Problems Of Former Havering-resident Frank Bruno

Poor Mental Health Is Common
Frank Bruno used to live in HAVERING on the Emerson Park estate much to the consternation of the Havering Conservative Party. The Havering Conservative Party representatives of the Emerson Park estate, along with their friends in the police, are alleged to have been the source of the alleged attempted criminal "fix" to close Havering College of Further and Higher Education by the orchestration of crime at the college. As we stated earlier these events are the reason that the Havering Witness online publication was launched.  These events are alleged to be linked, we believe, not only to the mental breakdown of former World Champion Boxer Frank Bruno but also to the death of Matthew Harding.  Frank Bruno was "not welcome" on the exclusive Emerson Park estate.

Please read newspaper reports Champ Frank Bruno Helps Others In Their Fight For Mental Health

Why won't Mr Rosindell offer evidence on his colleagues ?
What is the underlying theme that links these events with links to Havering ? The Havering Witness says it is the political agenda of the Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Party that have dominated politics in the London Borough of Havering for decades.  When will Andrew Rosindell MP; former Conservative local councillors Peter Gardner and Eric Munday; Havering police commanders; the London Mayors Association and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex (in Havering) ever be questioned about serious allegations of corruption that just won't go away ?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rosindell Calls Chinese Government Actions "Shameful" and an "Outrage"

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has "demanded" that the Chinese ambassador to the UK be summoned to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to explain the Chinese decision to refuse visa entry to members of the Foreign Affairs Committee seeking  an "inquiry" visit to Hong Kong.

Speaking in Parliament Mr Rosindell said  "The shameful action by the Government of the People’s Republic of China to deny the Select Committee the ability to visit Hong Kong in order to conduct our legitimate business is a demonstration to the entire world that China has little respect for freedom, free speech and democracy. It is a sad state of affairs, which will have grave implications for British-Chinese relations for a long time to come." ....

The new Foreign Affairs Committee  ?
"It is nothing short of an outrage that the Foreign Affairs Committee of this democratic House of Commons, the mother of Parliaments, should be treated in such a way by an undemocratic Chinese Government. I am gravely concerned about the aggressive and confrontational position that China has taken on a matter of such importance. In the 21st century, there is no place for such an attitude. It is an unjustified attack not only on elected British parliamentarians but on transparency and on democracy itself." .....

"The British Government must show no hesitation in demanding an immediate response. I ask the Minister whether he will insist that the Chinese ambassador be called to the Foreign Office to explain his Government’s actions. I certainly hope that he will." ....

"Britain cannot and will not be bullied. If China is not prepared to honour the spirit of the 1984 joint declaration, Britain will have no choice but to conclude that the hand of friendship and trust that Margaret Thatcher held out to China 30 years ago has been betrayed."

The Havering Witness thinks that Mr Andrew Rosindell's time would be better spent in explaining events at Havering College of Further Education in the 1980s (please see our October 2012 article) AND the formulation of both the BBC TV Programme "Are You Being Served ?"  and "The Simpson Show" shown on Channel 4.  The constant attempt by Mr Rosindell to make himself too important to scrutinise by using the platform of the Foreign Affairs Committee and his many overseas working groups will not work.

Mr Rosindell !! Stop talking about far-away places, servicemen and flags and simply answer the allegations of corruption in the Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Parties in the alleged attempt to close Havering College of Further and Higher Education in the 1980s.  The allegation is that the college was the target of orchestrated criminality assisted by local senior police officers in regular communication with the Conservative Party.

Mr Rosindell, can we at last have a public statement from you about these persistent allegations in your home town ? Clean you own door step first me old China !
Written Response From Chinese Foreign Ministry
Andrew Rosindell, a member of British prime minister David Cameron’s Conservative party, urged that the Chinese ambassador be summoned to the foreign office to explain, describing the visa ban as “shameful” and “nothing short of an outrage”. — AFP - See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/world/article/china-slams-british-mps-visit-as-an-attempt-to-interfere-in-chinas-domestic#sthash.AMTWQm5l.dpuf
Andrew Rosindell, a member of British prime minister David Cameron’s Conservative party, urged that the Chinese ambassador be summoned to the foreign office to explain, describing the visa ban as “shameful” and “nothing short of an outrage”. — AFP - See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/world/article/china-slams-british-mps-visit-as-an-attempt-to-interfere-in-chinas-domestic#sthash.AMTWQm5l.dpuf
Andrew Rosindell, a member of British prime minister David Cameron’s Conservative party, urged that the Chinese ambassador be summoned to the foreign office to explain, describing the visa ban as “shameful” and “nothing short of an outrage”. — AFP - See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/world/article/china-slams-british-mps-visit-as-an-attempt-to-interfere-in-chinas-domestic#sthash.AMTWQm5l.dpuf

Report in Daily Mail

Report in South China Morning Post

Report in Malay Mail Online

Mr Rosindell's Full Comments In Hansard

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Murder of Lee Rigby By Ex-HAVERING School Pupil Turned Terrorist Killer "Could Not Have Been Prevented"

It has been confirmed by Sky News that MI5 DID try to recruit terrorist killer Michael Adebolajo as an informant.  An investigation conducted by the Intelligence and Security Committee confirmed  that Adebolajo was approached after being arrested in Kenya due to his attempt to join the terrorist group al Shabaab in 2010. Adebolajo is an ex-pupil of Marshalls Park School in Romford, Havering. The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is an ex-Marshalls Park School pupil as are some other Conservatives elected to serve as councillors in the London Borough of Havering. The report does not consider ANY links to Marshalls Park school despite Adebolajo himself citing the death of a school friend as a source of anger.  The Daily Mail reports that both Adebolajo and his soldier friend Kirk Redpath came from "loving catholic families".  The paper also reported that Kirk Redpath's younger brother Grant, 26, told The Sun that Adebolajo went to their house in Romford, Essex, nearly every day after school during his teenage years.

Alistair Bunkall of Sky News reports that "A report by Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee is expected to largely clear MI5 of serious failings but highlight some areas where the security service could have performed better....  The committee has examined what, if anything, MI5 knew about the two killers, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. Their report is said to be "substantial" - the product of written and oral evidence, and hundreds of pages of primary-source material. It will confirm that both men were known to MI5, in particular 29-year-old Adebolajo."

Andrew Rosindell MP - No link whatsoever 
Michael Adebolajo was a pupil of Marshalls Park School in Romford, Havering as was Adebolajo's school friend and later Iraq war hero Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath, Irish Guards, killed near Basra in 2007. The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell was also a pupil at Marshalls Park however the report by the Intelligence and Security Committee omits any consideration of old school links to Andrew Rosindell MP.

In his trial Adebolajo told the court at the Old Bailey that he is "a soldier of Allah" and "this is a war".  Sitting in the court at the Old Bailey Adebolajo told the jury that he "is married with six children and is the son of Christian parents. He grew up in Romford, Essex, where the vast majority of his friends were white British.  One friend, Kirk Redpath, joined the Army and was later killed in Iraq. Adebolajo said he held Tony Blair responsible for his death, reports Dominic Casciani, BBC home affairs correspondent. When asked by his barrister, David Gottlieb, what his defence is to Rigby's murder, Adebolajo replied: "I am a soldier, a soldier of Allah."

Read Daily Mail report on friendship between Adebolajo and Iarq soldier hero Redpath

Read Sky News latest on report published by Intelligence and Security Committee

Sky news report by Alistair Bunkall (23rd November 2014)

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The Seven Principles Of Public Life

The Havering Witness has been trying to bring Havering council / police corruption to the public and judicial eye for so long that we need to have a moment to reflect on what a good council or councillor should be like.  Please see a description of the Seven Principles of Public Life below. These principles are known to be followed in other councils. (Each local council adopts its own code for councillors to follow but it must be based on the Committee on Standards in Public Life’s seven principles of public life. These were developed by the Nolan Committee, which looked at how to improve ethical standards in public life, and are often referred to as the ‘Nolan’ principles.)

The Seven principles of public life (The "Nolan Principles") 

Selflessness Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest.  

Integrity Holders of public office must avoid placing themselves under any obligation to people or organisations that might try inappropriately to influence them in their work. They should not act or take decisions in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family or their friends. They must declare and resolve any interests and relationships. 

Objectivity Holders of public office must act and take decisions impartially, fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias. 

Accountability Holders of public office are accountable to the public for their decisions and actions and must submit themselves to the scrutiny necessary to ensure this. 

Openness Holders of public office should act and take decisions in an open and transparent manner. Information should not be withheld from the public unless there are clear and lawful reasons for doing so.  

Honesty Holders of public office should be truthful. 

Leadership Holders of public office should exhibit these principles in their own behaviour. They should actively promote and robustly support the principles and be wiling to change poor behaviour wherever it occurs.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Havering Business Pigs Unaffected As Council Cuts £60 Million !


Havering council leader Roger Ramsey has announced that he had "no choice" but to deliver drastic spending cuts in the council budget (see links below). The millions of council tax money spent on property maintenance contracts, IT contracts, staff training contracts and the pay of council cabinet members will not be affected - what a surprise !!

Who will carry these costs ? Go on take a wild guess ! Yes, thats right its the soft targets of libraries and social care as usual carrying the burden instead of reducing the council contract trough !

On 29/8/14 Emma Lake of the Ilford Recorder reported that

"Libraries, social care, youth services and cultural facilities are all be under fire as the council works to make £60million of savings over four years. Cllr Roger Ramsey, leader of Havering Council, said the authority has no choice but to cut services to deliver a balanced budget. The councils proposals, which will be scrutinised by fellow councillors and the public, include slashing the library services budget by more than £1million and the early help and troubled families service by £900,000."

As well as drastic cuts in social provision the struggling virtually non-existent cultural activities of our borough will also be hit hard. Emma Lake reports "On top of the £1.138million slashed from libraries both Queen’s Theatre and Havering Music School will see their grants reduced by £200,000."

Emma Lake of Ilford Recorder reports on cuts

Notice the light touch of reporting on Havering's radio station TIME 107.5

TIME 107.5 Put "Public Consultation" Gloss on Cuts

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Havering College Machine Gun Scandal Won't Go Away !

Retired Conservative (later UKIP defectors) councillors Eric Munday and Peter Gardner are still facing unanswered serious allegations concerning their alleged attempt to close Havering College of Further Education by orchestrating a crime-wave at the college. Munday and Gardner had the assistance of Romford police station and their contacts in ther youth offender / probation service to place known criminals at the college as students. In addition to the youth offender plan they also arranged for criminal activity at the college to increase with the illegal sale of firearms conducted at the college - a machine gun with live ammunition was bought by physics technician Peter Franks from day-release student Graham Langdon (Gould Electronics) witnessed by Physics lecturer John Dixon, Hornchurch -based workshop technician (and local lawn bowls player) Chris Bryant, head of engineering Brian Stead and Head of Science Bill Mansfield. No action was taken against Franks. Graham Langdon was given the suggestion to sell the machine gun into the college by his Gould Electronics workmate Tony Perkiss (then of Lake Rise, Romford) who had asked a member of the Conservative Party (also a resident of Lake Rise - name Francis ?) for advice on disposing of it. Conservative councillor Peter Gardner is said to have been the source of the suggestion to sell the gun into the college as part of the general plan to close the site by creating scandal.

Staff at the college were investigated for "sleaze" and "dirt" by Romford police officers abusing their powers to help the Conservative Party. John Bauldie was the journalist partner of one member of teaching staff, Penny Garner (Biology), and was an expert on Bob Dylan producing a fanzine called The Telegraph. Mr Bauldie later died in the same helicopter crash that killed his friend Matthew Harding.

Neither the police or the local Conservatives have ever faced any investigation of these very serious alleged crimes. Allegations of criminal orchestration at Havering College of Further Education just won't go away !

Background to College Scandal

Letter to Council About Scandal

John Bauldie Murdered By Corrupt Police ?

College Quietly Drops A-Level Courses

Further Cover-Up Of Criminal Police

Romford Police Cover-Up Poliitical Abuse of Powers

Subject of Corrupt Investigation Tragically Dies

Royal Family Ignore Appeal For Justice

Corrupt Councillors Retain Membership of the LMA

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Former Secret Nuclear Bunker and Corrupt Power Games

The former secret nuclear bunker at Kelvedon Hatch near Brentwood was used by the Conservative Party and their network to intimidate and criminalise innocent people whilst they protected the children of Irish terrorists.  The bunker is frequently linked to injustices carried out under a false cloak of "security" when it fact security issues had nothing to do with them.  Not only did the innocent residents of Havering have to deal with the manipulation of nuclear bunker security they also were innocently caught up in the pro-IRA network linked to the Irish catholic community in Havering.  Please read our articles on the subject:

(Manipulation of the nuclear bunker to criminalise innocent people is not the only suspicion levelled at the Haberman and Hewitt families of Rise Park, Romford - they also knew about irish weapons / explosives.)

Nuclear Bunker Power Games

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Death of Matthew Harding Caused By His Knowledge of Police Corruption

In the light of recent events in Russia there will, no doubt, be a renewed flow of unjustified hate towards Roman Ambramovich - so the Havering Witness wants to re-iterate that the death of Matthew Harding had NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOTBALL. Matthew Harding had knowledge of serious corruption within the London Borough of Havering which included senior police officers and members of masonic lodges.

Please read our articles that get closer to the truth at

Cover up of property development fixes

College Cuts Link To Crime Wave Scandal

Corrupt cops cover-up their criminal sons

Romford MP stays silent on criminal allegations

Romford MP has school links to Woolwich murderer

Woolwich killer was best school friends with Iraq hero

Honours system used to help cover up scandal

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Woolwich Killer Was School Friend Of Iraq Hero

Classmates who couldn't have been more different: Schoolboy who became Islamic fanatic was best friend of war hero killed in Iraq

  • Michael Adebolajo was schoolfriends with Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath
  • The soldier, 22, was killed when an IED blew up his Land Rover in 2007By Rosie Taylor, Daily Mail 
The man who hacked a soldier to death on a London street was best friends at school with a war hero who died in Iraq. Friends said Michael Adebolajo, who was filmed holding a knife in blood-covered hands after Drummer Lee Rigby was brutally killed in Woolwich on Wednesday, had to be consoled at the funeral of Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath in 2007.

L/Cpl Redpath's younger brother Grant, 26, told The Sun newspaper that Adebolajo went to their house in Romford, Essex, nearly every day after school during his teenage years.

The Havering Witness is puzzled by the closeness of Adebolajo to people who later became soldiers - surely joining the forces would have been part of their conversations as they considered their futures and would not have been a surprise if someone did join. The same person then committed one of the most brutal attacks on a serving soldier on UK soil in living memory.  We can't help thinking that there is another story here, another cause, hidden hands from the local political community interfering with schools with their own agendas that bear little in common with national policy of the elected government. Is a group of anti-Euro, anti-EU nutters the real story behind this sickening violence that has been placed upon the Rigby family for ever more ?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Andrew Rosindell MP and Councillor Peter Gardner Stay Silent On Serious Allegations of Wrong Doing

Persistent allegations of dirty tricks by the Havering Conservative Party assisted by Havering police just won't go away.  During the 1980s there was a concerted attempt to close Havering College of Further Education by the Havering Conservatives because, it is claimed, they did not want a college so close to the expensive exclusive Emerson Park estate.

The Havering Witness has first-hand witness testimony of a number of orchestrated criminal events at the college intended  to cause scandal and force its closure, the witnessed allegations include the following:

1)  The sale of a machine gun with live ammunition was eventually made to physics technician Peter who worked for physics lecturer John Dixon under Head of Science Bill Mansfield. The sale of the machine gun at the college was the result of a number of attempts to sell it to various college personnel over several weeks. The sellers of the machine gun Graham Langdon and Tony Perkiss (Purkiss?) are witnessed to have said that they were advised to try and sell the gun at the college by a Havering Conservative Party figure resident in Lake Rise, Romford. It was further stated by Langdon and Perkiss (and others) that this advice followed a phone call to Councillor Peter Gardner by the approached Conservative Party member resident in Lake Rise. There are further witnesses to a "test firing" of the machine gun on college grounds (in 1980) behind the automotive workshops by physics technician Peter accompanied by other college staff including well-known local lawn bowls player Chris Bryant and others including, it is said, college lecturers. Head of Science Bill Mansfield took no disciplinary action of any kind against his staff despite them exposing staff and students to live machine gun fire on college grounds.

2) The deliberate placing of young offenders at the college to cause trouble. There was no previous arrangement between the Havering Probation / Youth Offender Service and the college to enrol youth offenders at the college but such an arrangement materialised when the Havering Conservatives and their friends in Havering Police Station manipulated a publicly-funded service for their own private interests. This corruption came to light when two youth offenders caused a serious road traffic accident when exiting the college car park - a woman pedestrian nearly lost her leg as a result.  In the resulting legal action by the pedestrian it emerged that the two young offenders in the car, Stephen Ridpath and Lewis Adams, were recently placed at the college as part of a "new initiative" referring to the underhand "dirty tricks" plan to cause trouble at the college with police assistance. The use of several publicly-funded organisations by the Havering Conservatives to suit their own private agenda of keeping students away from expensive Conservative areas. The case was hushed up and not fully reported by the Romford Recorder but the Havering Witness will be searching for details on any other cases arising from the criminal behaviour of young offenders deliberately placed at the college by Havering Police officers liasing with the Havering Young Offender Team / Probation Service for the purposes of assisting their political friends in the Havering Conservative Party.

Read Background Article On College Scandal

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Woolwich Killer Was A Prefect At Andrew Rosindell MP's Old School

Michael Adebolajo, one of the convicted murderers of British soldier Lee Rigby attended the same school, Marshalls Park, as the MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell. Locals can't help wondering whether the presence of Mr Rosindell and his network played any role at all in the creation of friction that eventually produced a terrorist and the subsequent murder of Lee Rigby.  Romford is not a place previously known for islamic extremism - why on earth should it produce such a violent terrorist ? It just seems so out of all proportion for the London Borough of Havering. Voters suspect that there is a deeper cause - a hidden truth and further that Mr Rosindell and his network might just known what that truth is - the actions of Michael Adebolajo will take a long time to fade from the Marshalls Park School community.

The Romford Recorder reports that former teachers at Marshalls Park School, in Romford, London, said that Adebolajo had been "popular and had even been a prefect."  Headteacher Pam Mason told the Romford Recorder: “He was a good-natured and easy-going boy. Michael was liked by both staff and peers. He had a strong group of friends but he could mix well with others and he was popular and well liked across a wide range of students. Michael was bright and confident and had a good sense of humour. He had a good work ethic and gained the grades he needed to be accepted on to his chosen courses at Havering Sixth Form College. He enjoyed being at school.”

It does seem strange doesn't it Mr Rosindell or Mr Gardner (Havering conservative councillor) ? Do either of you have any ideas on what may have caused this violent change in outlook ? Will you be holding any public meetings for people to state their concerns ?

Newspaper Article