Monday, 16 September 2013

Havering College Drops All A Level Courses

Following the corrupt orchestration of scandal at the college by Havering Police officer Bennett (deceased), amongst others, and their personal friends in the Havering Conservative Party the college has now decided to drop A Level courses entirely ! We aren't surprised it helps them cover things up even further !

The police, working closely with their personal friends in the Havering Conservative Party (notably Councillor Peter Gardner) were involved in the deliberate placement of youth offenders at the college to cause trouble which they did.  Conservatives also orchestrated the sale of a machine gun at the college by Graham Langdon (Gould Electronics apprentice, 1980) under direct advice from the local Conservative Party via his work mate Tony Purkiss, then resident of Lake Rise, Romford. 

The machine gun was sold to A Level Physics Lecturer John Dixon and his technician Peter Franks.  The gun was test-fired on college grounds with live ammunition and was witnessed by local bowls player Chris Bryant - none of these well-connected people have ever been cautioned let alone arrested and prosecuted as they should have been. 

The machine gun was sold for a SECOND time on college grounds by Dixon / Franks to Henderson Doors employees Raymond Winstanley and John Tilbrook.

The ultimate responsiblity for failue of action lies with the inept Head of Science at that time which was Bill Mansfield.

Havering College Drops A Level Courses

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