Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Personal Fortunes of Havering Conservatives

One thing you CAN guarantee about the Romford, Hornchurch and  Upminster Conservative Parties is that many of their members whether councillors or just supporters are richer from their membership of the Conservative Party than before it.  Several Conservative councillors, including those at leader and cabinet level, came from terraced houses like "alf garnet" and now live in very expensive houses at highly desired addresses and wouldn't talk to "alf garnet" if they could avoid it.  The local Havering police or the local government ombudsman show no interest in investigating how this wealth was acquired. Some of the councillors involved know local police officers very well and phone Eric Pickles, Communites Secretary if there is any inspection or audit problems.

It is no coincidence that many Havering council contracts are given to businesses with Essex Conservative Party links, links to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex and links to Essex Golf Clubs.

Pickles Tries To Shut Down Government Accountants  - at the request of Havering Conservatives ?