Friday, 12 July 2013

Romford Police Suspected Of "Blacklisting" Schools in 1970s

Allegations That Malicious Police and Local Councillors Abused Powers
Secondary School “Blacklisted” From Participation in Duke of Edinburgh, Operation Rayleigh and other award schemes by malicious officials.
These allegations trace back nearly 40 years and suspicion about it is as deep and fresh as the day they were first suggested. It is strongly suspected that in the 1970s a whole school, Chase Cross Comprehensive (now renamed Bower Park) in Romford, London Borough of Havering was BLACKLISTED by corrupt malevolent police officers in Romford Police Station and their friends in the Romford Conservative Party.
The school became a dumping ground for a small minority of problem families and the local corrupt police force delighted in using this to smear the entire school. When various organisations, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Operation Rayleigh contacted the Romford police / Havering council for information about schools applying for the awards they were given a terrible assessment out of spite by corrupt police officers / local councillors. As a consequence no pupil from this school throughout the late 1970s to early 1980s was accepted onto any award scheme of any kind !
Over 20 complaints have been made to the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) concerning the "gang-minded" corrupt culture of Romford Police Officers and their personal connections to local councillors with reputations for wrong-doing.

Complaint Resolution

The Havering Witness would like to see the pupils of Bower Park Secondary School, London Borough of Havering given an equal chance, free of malicious obstruction, to any award scheme they are eligible to apply for. We strongly suspect that hundreds of pupils from this school were denied opportunities due to malicious blacklisting and deliberately terrible reports given to enquiring authorities formally and informally.

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