Friday, 12 July 2013

Council Leader Sees No Wrong In Suspected UBS Pension Raid

Letter From Havering Council Leader Michael White

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email regarding your concerns over one of the Council’s pension funds managed by UBS.

I am afraid that I have nothing further to add to Cllr. Ramsey’s response included within the Romford Recorder article that you have referred to. Pensions are indeed long term investments and as such, are subject to fluctuations within the market.

The Council’s pension funds are managed by multiple managers who invest diversely to protect the fund from fluctuations in the market, however, we are unable to completely eradicate the element of risk that comes with all investments. These particular losses have been off-set by £6m of rental income from the fund manager. Also, of all the fund managers in the pension fund it is the only one that has incurred losses, demonstrating the anomalous nature of this instance.

This administration has provided a safe pair of hands for the Council’s finances throughout its term and will continue to do so with the delivery of savings targets, while protecting our frontline services and keeping Council Tax low.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Michael  White|  Leader of the Council
London Borough of Havering  |  Leader's Office
Town Hall  |  Main Road  |  Romford  |  RM1 3BD
Tel: 01708 432031  |  Email:

Michael White sees "criminal-protecting" company Coborn Engineering receive Havering business award. Employees at Coborn Engineering are suspected of being involved in car-related and other crime.  One employee "TB" suspected of orchestrating car hire purchase crime with ex-school friends and other Coborn employees is the son of an  ex-police officer and regularly receives visits from serving police officers who check on his welfare despite several criminal accusations. Any report about "TB" appears to go missing from police records and no investigation ever occurs. The directors of Coborn Engineering obviously believe that their royal contacts put them above the law and dismiss any allegations with a misplaced air of superiority.

"Criminal" Havering Engineering Firm Receive Business Award

Romford Police Suspected Of "Blacklisting" Schools in 1970s

Allegations That Malicious Police and Local Councillors Abused Powers
Secondary School “Blacklisted” From Participation in Duke of Edinburgh, Operation Rayleigh and other award schemes by malicious officials.
These allegations trace back nearly 40 years and suspicion about it is as deep and fresh as the day they were first suggested. It is strongly suspected that in the 1970s a whole school, Chase Cross Comprehensive (now renamed Bower Park) in Romford, London Borough of Havering was BLACKLISTED by corrupt malevolent police officers in Romford Police Station and their friends in the Romford Conservative Party.
The school became a dumping ground for a small minority of problem families and the local corrupt police force delighted in using this to smear the entire school. When various organisations, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Operation Rayleigh contacted the Romford police / Havering council for information about schools applying for the awards they were given a terrible assessment out of spite by corrupt police officers / local councillors. As a consequence no pupil from this school throughout the late 1970s to early 1980s was accepted onto any award scheme of any kind !
Over 20 complaints have been made to the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) concerning the "gang-minded" corrupt culture of Romford Police Officers and their personal connections to local councillors with reputations for wrong-doing.

Complaint Resolution

The Havering Witness would like to see the pupils of Bower Park Secondary School, London Borough of Havering given an equal chance, free of malicious obstruction, to any award scheme they are eligible to apply for. We strongly suspect that hundreds of pupils from this school were denied opportunities due to malicious blacklisting and deliberately terrible reports given to enquiring authorities formally and informally.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

UBS Pension Scandal In London Borough of Havering

Despite plenty of press coverage (see below) of council "negligence" we still do not have any effective scrutiny of the Havering Conservatives by the local paper the Romford Recorder who have always been friendly to them.  The local police are also very friendly with senior members of the council including Council Leader Michael White who used to work for PITO (Police Information Technology Organisation).

When do these people accept responsiblity ? The Evening Standard reports that several members of Havering Council are paid £100,000 plus expenses.  It is also said locally that attendance payments for other external council connected agency work including, of course, property development opportunites have provided substantial further income as well as fortunes made from council homes sales and dealings.

£10 million skimmed off council pension fund

UBS and Kweku Adoboli

"Negligent" Council Chiefs and Icelandic Bank Scandal

Council leader Michael White just shrugs his shoulders at the £10 million UBS managed fund loss - imagine if any other council had lost £10 Million of council tax payers money ! Thats about six leisure centres complete with pool, 10 non-league football stadiums, and endless other benefits that could have gone to the local community instead of some dark corner in UBS.