Friday, 17 May 2013

No Investigations But Plenty Of Back-Slapping

Instead of a full investigation into events at Havering College in the 1980s (and other occurences of suspected planning corruption / "dirty tricks") we have the usual back-slapping instead. A prominent Conservative councillor at the time of the Havering College / Romford Football ground alleged corruption has been nominated for the civil honour of honorary alderman by the current council leader Michael White and his council cabinet  Nomination of Alderman

Machine Gun Sold In Havering College (The "Councillor X" in this article is still active as a Conservative councillor today and still works with the police. Councillor X is not Alby Tebbutt but Tebbutt may have witness evidence to offer.)

College Managers Fail To Act

MPs Turn Blind Eye To Illegal Firearms


The BBC has a great new TV series called Rip Off Britain - the Havering Witness would like to support the investigative work of the programme and has started a forum called RIP OFF HAVERING for Havering residents to let off steam about overcharging, incomplete or shoddy work, aggressive intimidation, corruption in public office and anything else that has upset you in Havering.

Please visit the RIP OFF HAVERING forum at the link below (you will need to register) and tell us how you were ripped-off by local councillors, businesses or other organisation - please obey the nabble rules and don't use any names unless you have real evidence that could be presented in court or given to the police. (The RIP OFF HAVERING forum site)

(You can read the nabble terms of use at - nabble is a program that allows people to create forums for public comment - basically do not be rude to anyone, stick to the facts you know and can prove, and express everything in a professional manner as if you were making a report to the police)