Friday, 8 February 2013

The Death of Biology Lecturer Penny Garner

Criminals Too Posh to Prosecute ?

We Must ! Political Parties Will Not Criticise Business
The tragic death of Havering Biology lecturer Penny Garner should not be ignored by the authorities. Penny died a few years after her partner John Bauldie who died in the Matthew Harding helicopter crash. There are persistent allegations of a much deeper story to these deaths (and others) which are the reason for the Havering Witness campaign - they go back to Irish issues in the borough and the events around the closure of the Romford Town FC stadium Brooklands (now a housing estate run by London & Quadrant Housing Association ).

Let me first make it clear that ALL terrorism should be prosecuted but this issue like others we have raised highlights the post code policing contributing to injustice in Havering. I personally witnessed Havering College students from posher post codes involved with terrorism but being "too posh to prosecute".  There are suggestions that they made some contact with the criminal community deliberately placed in the college who sold illegal firearms into the college as part of the "dirty tricks" campaign to close the college and many other crimes from drugs to assault to theft.

Should Havering Justice Be Class-Based ?
"Post code" policing policies have had an enormously harmful and deeply unjust affect on the general law-abiding public.   Posh animal rights terrorists from Upminster and Hornchurch post codes can engage in illegal animal rights activity including contact with groups in Europe without any detriment to their futures. Posh catholic pro-Irish families receive similar special treatment and are even employed by organisations who have been the victims of terrorism themselves.

Havering College Biology lecturer Penny Garner (deceased) struggled with criminal issues deliberately placed at the college in a failed attempt to close the college for property development. Penny struggled with these issues not least due to the incompetent management of the Head of Science Bill Mansfield who failed to deal with the physics department who had purchased a machine gun with live ammunition on college premises. (The gun / ammunition were first sold to Physics lecturer / technician John Dixon and Peter and re-sold, again on college premises,  to employees of Henderson Doors under advice from technician and local bowls player Chris Bryant).

Read about events at Havering College in the 1980s,  an alleged "political design" to close and resite the college away from wealthy Emerson Park. 

The Havering Witness is in favour of responsible animal research where there is no convincing substitute. Understanding Animal Research provide up-to-date information on the current state of animal research at

The BBC has a thought-provoking Ethics resource site at

Tribute To Penny Garner 

The Society of Biology responded to our approach about Penny Garner with some kind words "We are pleased to hear your lecturer Penny was such a positive role model for you, you will always remember her good work as a teacher, she has clearly made a difference to lots of students."