Wednesday, 23 January 2013

1970s Phone Games

Our previous articles have described how an Irish catholic community was discovered in the 1970s to have an arms / explosives store, were suspected of general agitation (e.g. attempts to burn down the Romford Borough FC football ground Brooklands) and spying activity including local higher society and the former nuclear bunker at Kelvedon Hatch.

The J---- family worked for Post Office Telephones (later BT) and are thought to be related to the S------s (see article link below).  It is alleged by some that the J---- family obtained phone numbers from their employment and tried to discover information about phone-tapping.

The S---- family were friendly with the J---- family (both attended St. Patricks Catholic Primary School) and a number of phone games started with neighbours of the families. They made up various stories about their phone being out of order in order to use their neighbours phones. The numbers they rang on neighbours phones were members of the Irish community already under suspicion following the arms / explosives discovery in order to try and incriminate innocent British people. The police took no action and the J---- family worked for BT / offshoots  for over forty years with a large pension at the end. The S---- family gained lucrative employment with a bank as tax / wage accountants including time spent in Singapore in the emerging Chinese markets.

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