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Havering Conservatives "Put Lives At Risk" To Force College Closure

Based on eye-witness testimony: 
  • Havering Conservatives (with help from the local police) put Havering college staff and students at serious risk of harm with an orchestrated crime scandal intended to "justify" closure of the college. 
  • Staff and students left at risk and without legal redress due to high level cover-up. 
  • Machine gun with live ammuntion was sold and test-fired on college grounds.
  • Youth offenders, some with convictions for assault, were deliberately enrolled at the college to cause trouble.
  • The "dirty tricks" scandal to close the college was motivated by angry tories in Emerson Park taking action against students racing their cars around the wealthy estate.
  • Romford MP Andrew Rosindell was a student himself at the college at the time and is alleged to have full knowledge of the criminal orchestration closure plan.
  • Former Chelsea FC Vice Chair Matthew Harding was told about the scandal months before he died in helicopter crash along with his friend John Bauldie.
  • John Bauldie knew about the scandal from his partner Penny Garner who was a Biology lecturer at the college.
  • Penny Garner died a few years after John in total despair at the sickening corruption and the total inaction by the police.
Wealthy Havering Conservative Party wanted the college closed due to a stupid minority of motor vehicle students at the college who raced their cars around the neighbouring wealthy Emerson Park estate.  We describe below some of the witnessed crimes at the college that occured as a direct result of the criminal plan to close the college.

1) Havering College day-release students Graham Langdon and Tony Perkiss (of Gould Electronics) studying under physics lecturer John Dixon sold a machine gun with live rounds they had acquired to Peter the Physics technician at the college. The machine gun was fired on college grounds with a resulting flood of calls to Havering police. Langdon and Perkiss and Barratt have been witnessed to say that the Conservative councillor who encouraged them to sell the machine gun at the college was Peter Gardner via a party intermediary resident in Lake Rise, Romford.  The machine gun was later resold, again at the college, by physics technician Peter to students and Henderson Doors employees John Tilbrook and Raymond Winstanley after encouragement by technician Chris Bryant - a well known local lawn bowls player in Havering.

2) Two youth offenders placed at the college, Steven Ridpath and Lew Adams, caused a near-fatal car accident, a court case followed in which the police involvement in placing youth offenders at the college was noted.  No action was taken.

3) Two students who bought the machine gun from Peter the physics technician, John Tilbrook and Raymond Winstanley (both employees of Henderson Doors),  were also involved in the sabotage of vehicles with intent to cause death or other harm. A young offender placed in their class later died in a motorcycle accident following their witnessed attempts to sabotage his motorcycle with the assistance of Steven Ridpath and Neil Skevington.  

4) Teaching staff were subject to unjust investigations by police officers looking for "sleaze" for the Havering Conservatives and their friends to manipulate - this is particularly true of PENNY GARNER and her partner JOHN BAULDIE as we now describe. John Bauldie later died in the Matthew Harding helicopter crash after telling Mr Harding about the orchestrated criminality at the college. John Bauldie was the partner of Havering College Biology lecturer Penny Garner who died, in despair, a fews years after John.

John Bauldie (deceased) partner of Havering College Biology lecturer
Penny Garner (who also tragically died a few years after John)
John Bauldie was a music journalist who edited a Bob Dylan Fanzine called The Telegraph.  We believe the fanzine was used by the Conservatives to "justify" the subsequent abuse of police powers in investigating John Bauldie. Prior to his death Matthew Harding donated funds to Tony Blair and New Labour, the investigation into the air crash delivered a verdict of accidental death ( ).  We believe that the ultimate responsibility for the death of these innocent people lies with Havering Conservative Party and their friends in Havering Police.

The Havering Witness, despite being subject to several attempts of violent, criminal, political, legal and police-backed intimidation against us, will not let this issue pass without justice being done.  In 2003 the editor of The Havering Witness was falsely accused of supporting animal rights terrorism prior and during the Queen's first official visit to Havering in 2003 because of his support in an article for the Romford Recorder newspaper of the Rainham Marshes RSPB environmental project ( All subsequent complaints to the Home Office, Scotland Yard and the IPCC about these further abuses of police powers were ignored.

The current MP for Romford, ANDREW ROSINDELL, was a student at the college at the time and we believe had FULL KNOWLEDGE of the "dirty fixes" to close the college and perhaps even reported back on progress ! The Havering Witness, by letter and e-mail, challenged Andrew Rosindell MP and the Havering Conservative Party on all of the witnessed recollections we have described here and the following then happened -

Matthew Harding learnt of the scandal
The Havering Witness received a "warning" visit from two detectives based at Romford Police Station after Councillor Peter Gardner (retired) heard about our enquiries. Subsequent complaints to the IPCC were rejected. THE ATTEMPT TO CLOSE THE COLLEGE FOR PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT WAS ABANDONED FOR FEAR OF AN ENQUIRY INTO THE ALLEGED CORRUPTION.

Havering College was not the only place of "lower class" education attacked by the Conservative Party please read the witness allegations of their attack on a secondary school - Chase Cross Comprehensive (now renamed Bower Park).

Chase Cross Comprehensive School Scandal - Headmaster William Gore

Original Owners of Machine Gun were "Irish Fenian" family who later joined the ROMFORD Conservative Party 


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