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Protestant Royalty - The "Orange Crush" Of Havering

We ordinary English mortals are often puzzled by the relationship between monarchy and religion.  We had hoped that the life's work of the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell had sorted this issue out.  However our confusion remains substantial with Catholic norman knights and protestant reformers; "High" church and non-conformists; churches with wealthy titled benefactors and those struggling to fix the roof; so many different bibles; and the snobbery of church-affiliated schools have vexed us for years.

William of Orange - only a "crush" of country ?
We admit that our own confusion on the subject of monarch and religion is extensive and we will explore the subject progressively as part of our family history project.  People starting out on their family history will need to understand the role of religion in economics and politics in order to fully appreciate their own history.

This article touches on the subject of protestant or "orange" monarchs. Under the leadership of the
British elite "orange" has become an identity inextricably linked to Northern Ireland but is this fair on those with orange Protestant family history that have no connection with Northern Ireland at all ?

British royalists and the wider peerage make much of their LOVE FOR THEIR COUNTRY and consider themselves guardians of "the old church" which presumably means their own catholicism evolving from the crusades. However their catholicism is different to that represented by the pope in Rome. This contention between different forms of the "old church" is the source of many family frustrations lower down the social scale - like us.

Martin Luther sought the truth (pinterest)
The LOVE of one's country then is considered by the elite to be a Catholic emotion far above the "recent" Protestant faith.  Deep love of country then is a priviledge of the Norman Catholic distinct from the "CRUSH" or "temporary love" of Protestant patriots. According to our theory of Norman Catholic culture and their special deep patriotic love, Protestants are regarded as viewing the country as a "floozy", "bit of fluff" or having a "crush". 

The Protestant Reformation sought clarity out of the confusion and conflict. It was the general aim to separate the word of God from the conveniences of power. The bible is the most important part of this objective and protestants are often reminded (by the aggressive elite) of their study of the Holy Quran in their hunt for documented truth. 

For all practical purposes the pecking order of British history as defined by the elite seems to be Knights, Protestant "Orange" monarchs and then Oliver Cromwell last.

Havering's Cromwell Glimmers Out Of The Royal Darkness

Family History, Liberty of Havering, Earl of March and King Simon of Australia and England

Tides of History - a great example of a Labour history project

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The Truth of OUR NHS Told In Labour Party Broadcast

The Labour Party has shown us the reality of distressed NHS staff trying to deal with the work overload they are faced with every day.  Tories like Romford's Andrew Rosindell MP want to see public spending massively reduced so that Tory fat cats in the city and their clients can get even richer and richer. 

The TORY BREXIT strategy has the low tax financial services vision for the FEW at the centre of its policy - the MANY ordinary people will pay in the loss of public service provision.

We believe that the tories want to replace OUR NHS with private health care so that they can deliver low taxes for their fat pig friends in big business.  Ordinary people will then be left with yet more money to find to pay for private health care on top of the intolerable pressures on household budgets that already exist.

Tory Fat Cats Want To Wreck The NHS (express image)
Our NHS is constantly dealing with additional work load caused by the unregulated and irresponsible conduct of big business aggressively promoting unhealthy food and drink products. 

The high levels of sugar, salt, chemicals and saturated fats in our food supply is causing an UNNECESSARY additional burden on our NHS. 

The PROBLEM  should be solved AT SOURCE with more aggressive trade regulation based on health and environmental grounds and NOT wait for the NHS to pick up the workload and tax bill !

The only way to run OUR COUNTRY responsibly is to VOTE LABOUR at every election local and national until the tory privatisation fat pigs have their snouts removed from THE PEOPLE's  GOVERNMENT that the veterans of two world wars so desperately wanted to see.  The NHS should be run as a health service not a coping service dealing with the consequences of the unregulated food and drink business lobbying the tories for the anti-public service policies they want.

Huffington Post reports (contains the Labour Party broadcast video)

Royalist Tories want to spend OUR MONEY on a NEW ROYAL YACHT !

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Labour Community Campaign - Short Stories Based On Local Government Politics

In addition to encouraging local Labour Party members to know their significant economic and political family history we are also hoping to encourage locals to write short stories based on their experiences of local government politics.  Please do not use actual names.  We start by offering our own effort:

BARTLES AVENUE by Johnny Kingsley 


A young couple find that their first home together has a crime family living next door. They dig deeper and find a nest of corruption extending to the local council, police and even the church.  They turn to politics to campaign for justice but they are met with a murder.


 “Did you hear that ?” a startled John said to Sarah. 

“What ?” replied Sarah removing her headphones. 

“Did you hear that yelling from next door ? .. “.

 “No, I didn’t hear anything” replied Sarah

John walked outside and knocked loudly at number  18.

“Who is it ?”  a voice answered.

John bent down to the letter box, “Are you okay Mr McKay ? I thought I heard someone in pain”

“Yes I’m okay I bashed my head .. just doing some DIY .. sorry.” 

“As long as you are ok ?” said John 

“Yes I’m fine ” McKay answered.  

“What was it ?” said Sarah. 

“Our hairy neighbour bashed his head” answered John. 

“You did that when you put the shed up  - remember  ?” said Sarah.

“I don’t remember yelling like that though - sounded like he was being attacked”.

“Well perhaps your braver” said Sarah kissing him on the cheek. 

“Yes perhaps I am” said John making Sarah giggle. 

They had lived together at number 20 Bartles Avenue for three months now. They usually spent Sunday mornings reading or listening to audio-book.  John was skimming the local paper and noticed something on page 4 in the courts section. 

“Sarah ? Doesn’t  McKay next door have a son called Kevin ?” John asked. 

“Yes his eldest son is Kevin, then Simon and  Sharon is the youngest ... she plays the piano ... Mrs Cochrane taught her”. 

John read aloud “...Kevin McKay appeared before the magistrates court charged with two counts of burglary of a pharmacy and a dental surgery. 

“ I wonder if it is our neighbour ? Where did they go to school ?” asked John.  

“St. Cyrils next to Mary, Mother of God church,  I’ll phone Theresa,  her daughter  was a teacher  there” said Sarah. John sipped his coffee and began to feel a bit worried. 

“It is him” said Sarah after her phone call “Everyone at the school is talking about it.”  “Theresa said that the McKay family were shunned by the Catholic church years ago because they were suspected of crime”. 

“Oh thats just great !” said John “We’ve moved next door to a crime family ”

Sarah continued “His cousin Mr Barrett at number 10 has previous convictions for illegal firearms and handling stolen goods .  His children went to St. Cyril's as well.”  

St. Cyril's Catholic school was just five minutes walk from the local shopping centre and was adjacent to the church.  Father Tom Hay, was forever talking-up the mostly Irish congregation as good workers paying their taxes.  Father Hay also claimed his congregation was a “neighbourhood watch” for the local paper,  The Record. The paper had powerful friends at the council and always wrote favourable articles despite constant allegations of council corruption. 

It was Friday already. “Hi” said John kissing Sarah  “I had a quick drink with my old mate Nick Roberts he’s a maths lecturer  at Haverton college. There’s been a serious scandal at the college involving our neighbours McKay and Barret – its unbelievable I know, but a machine gun with live bullets was sold inside the college to one of the lab technicians. Nick said the police aren’t very interested”. 

“Nick says that crime at the college has been a problem since Councillor Michael Lodge first suggested closing the college for re-development.  Lodge describes himself as council champion of the armed forces. The college recently accepted young offenders as students at the insistence of the principal and they’ve caused no end of trouble.” 

 “Did you say the police are involved as well - are you sure of that ?” said Sarah.  

“The council, police, local paper , church and our criminal neighbours are all working together ” said John 

“Nick and the college principal are trying to get a response from the Secretary of State for Education but they wrote back and said it is a matter for the local council and police – it is the local council and police !”   

“How did Nick first find out about all this ?” said Sarah. 

“A lab technician test-fired the machine gun across the college fields” said John “The noise was reported by several local residents who were already angry at the college for cars screeching out of the car park at lunch times.” 

The door bell rang.   “Oh bugger .. whose that  ?” said Sarah. 

“Good evening madam, may we come in for a chat “? said the shorter of two CID detectives from Rumstead station showing his badge.  “I’m Detective Crafter and this is Detective Bullion" 

“Yes, of course, please come in” said Sarah. 

“Who is it Sarah ?” said John, “The police”

“Good evening sir,  we’ve come round for a chat about your neighbours. You made a report about attempted  burglaries of your garden shed a few weeks back, you now think it could be connected to Kevin McKay”.

“Yes, in view of his arrest I think it is likely “ said John. “That’s fine, sir,  we have made a careful note of your suspicions and we will broach the topic with the suspect in due course.” 

“The paper reported that McKay was after painkillers in the pharmacy do you know why ?” said John.

“I’m afraid we cannot discuss that, sir.  We are aware, sir , that you are a member of a campaign group based at the college” said Detective Bullion. 

“Yes, thats right ” said John caught off balance. Sarah looked at John looking slightly embarrassed. 

Detective Crafter continued “I would say sir that such a campaign would be a very bad idea and unlikely to succeed, especially as this case has links to serious crime, it would not be in the public interest.”

Sarah held Johns hand “Have you come to warn us off ? You must already be aware of the possibility that McKay committed other burglaries so it can’t be a surprise that he could have broken into our shed ?” said Sarah.

“We appreciate your concern about these crimes, but I repeat that it would be very ill-advised to consider taking the action you propose in this matter.  Thank you both for your time” said Detective Bullion.   Sarah shut the door behind them.

 “That was Nick” said John an hour after the police officers had left. “He’s added the police visit to his complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.  He has also made a crime report to Rumstead police about events at the college. Needless to say, no solicitor will touch it for fear of losing business” said John .

“This was put through the door today by Mr & Mrs Davies of number 40, they leafleted about six streets, I followed them.”  said Sarah

 “Please be careful Sarah !”  said John.  “Oh shut up ! I was careful ... it seems that Mr & Mrs Davies are also connected to Mary, Mother of God Church and they claim that this whole situations is due to victimisation of the Irish community.  They say that their own children have also been victimised, they have six kids by the way,  and Mr Davies works for BT !  They want people to start a civil rights movement.”

John copied the leaflet before leaving and met a very bored constable behind the police station reception desk after waiting 25 minutes for him to answer the doorbell. 

“Hello Sir how can I help you ?”.

“ This disgusting leaflet was put through our door complaining about the investigation and arrest of Kevin McKay” said John.

 “Right, sir” said the constable and put the leaflet in an internal mail box and returned to his tea eyeing John with disdain. John quickly left before he lost his temper.

 Back indoors John was talking to his friend Nick “Right, so the McKays, Barrets, Davies, and Hewitt families all seem to know each other. Sorry Sarah is not here, by the way,  she volunteered to be a linesman  at a girl’s football match at school.” said John.

“Ok let's get on, their new civil rights campaign is chaired by a governor of St. Cyril's school and a member of the congregation at Mary, Mother of God Church but not by Father Tom Hay himself” said John. 

“We also know that the Barrets are all being helped with employment by a Mr Adie, a deputy head master at their old school at the request of Hay.  Councillor Michael Lodge,  the councillor suspected of orchestrating the crime wave at the college is to stand for the by-election here in Morley Ward due to a sudden retirement.

I think we should stand as an anti-corruption campaign. “  said John, “Any volunteers ?”.  “Yes, I’ll stand” said Nick “i’m better known than you and nothing else seems to be working”

Weeks passed and the council election campaign had really got going.

“It’s really crowded !” said Sarah as they arrived for the hustings.

“I expect Lodge has arranged for his mob to be here ” said John, “Poor old Nick is going to get badly heckled.” 

The chair and the four candidates took the stage  “... the first speaker is to be Councillor Michael Lodge”.  Lodge thanked the chair and spent ten minutes talking about his "crime-fighting work"  with the police and his role as council champion of the armed forces before receiving loud applause from his supporters.

“Our next speaker is Nick Roberts standing as an anti-corruption candidate ... “ said the chair. John and Sarah clapped loudly and shouted their support loudly as Nick got to his feet. 

 The gun shot rang so loudly in his ears that it took John nearly a minute to fully regain his senses, he checked that Sarah was okay, his attention turned to the shouting outside the hall.   Outside two security guards had a man on the floor, the scene was already being photographed by the local paper.  John returned to the hall, he saw Sarah in the crowd around the platform. Sarah had thrown her coat over the lifeless cold legs of Nick Roberts with tears streaming down her face as an off duty nurse tried to revive him. 

“Oh God !” Sarah said as she saw John “He’s not responding”.

Breakfast news the following morning reported that Kevin McKay had been arrested in connection with the murder of Nick Roberts.  John and Sarah were still in deep shock and had Nick’s wife Jenny staying with them.  Later that day the police announced that Kevin McKay had been charged with murder. 

Councillor Michael Lodge was elected to represent Morley Ward and was made mayor a month after.   No investigation of anybody other than the McKay family took place.  Several weeks later John and Sarah were visited once more by the police who again warned them against making their own enquiries into events at the college or in the local irish catholic community. 

John and Sarah moved from Bartles Avenue and eventually emigrated to start a new life.  

Havering's Cromwell Glimmers Out Of The Royal Darkness

Oliver Cromwell - England's greatest military leader (history hero's)
Havering appears in the Domesday Book as "Haueringas" and the village name Havering-atte-Bower simply means royal residence of Havering. The royal residence being the largely wooden Havering Palace of which there is no visible trace today. "Havering Palace" seems to have been no more than a large hunting lodge but the local royalists wish to make the most of it.
"Havering Palace" seems to have been a hunting lodge

Richard Cromwell the son of the great English Republican Hero Oliver Cromwell is listed as a visitor at "Havering Palace". Catholic royalist historians appear to have emphasised the identity of Richard Cromwell as "Tumbledown Dick" and left it as a derogatory name.  We suspect that Richard Cromwell was not the idiot that royalist historians at Oxford and Cambridge would have us believe and that the name "Tumbledown Dick" has a wider origin.
 The Friends of the Tumbledown Dick suggest several sources of the name.
The Cromwell family was, of course, at the sharp point of royalist hate for centuries following the emphatic royalist defeat in the English Civil War and the execution of Charles I. The great Oliver Cromwell still does not receive his well-deserved status in English history even today and the National Curriculum in our schools makes no special mention of him - a ridiculous omission. To make matters worse our home town of Romford has one of the most royalist politicians in the country in Andrew Rosindell MP.

Oliver Cromwell does not receive national recognition

In addition to Romford's out-of-date and overblown royalist history culture we have personally witnessed many admiring references to facism in the local Conservative Party voting community. Well known facist icons such as Oswald Moseley and Enoch Powell have been regularly described in admiring terms by known Conservative Party voters over the years in work, pubs and barber shops. Royal connections to Adolf Hitler, such as Edward VIII, Oswald Moseley and the Mitford family, have also been much admired and have even formed the basis of holiday tourism.
Royalist facism pollutes our minds and stifles genuine talent
Shallow self-serving royalist nationalism has received a boost in recent years due to the use of the tried and tested  "unified by a common enemy" tactic in the form of hatred of the European Union. We should expect a new all-consuming common enemy to emerge following Brexit.

Monarchy is a failed structure and intimidation won't "make it better"

The fact remains that monarchy is a failed structure and only constant intimidation will make it appear to have a natural life force. The reality is that, for too many genuinely talented people, monarchy means death. Oliver Cromwell you were a truly great man indeed ! 

Friends of the Tumbledown Dick   

Havering Palace article - Romford Recorder

Havering and the Earl of March

Continuing with our Labour family history articles we explore some local history of Havering and the title of the Earl of March:

Havering is one of the three chapelries; Havering, Hornchurch and Romford, of the ancient parish of Hornchurch and is also the name of an ancient Liberty.  A Liberty is an area where Regalian (royal) Rights did not apply.
The Liberty of Havering charter of 1465 
Liberties were exempt from the normal monarch's system of hundreds and boroughs.  In 1465 King Edward IV issued a charter confirming  a Liberty of Havering and its rights such as local magistrates and prison.  To continue the trade of livestock in Romford market place was also part of the charter.

Mad As A March Hare ?
Romford Market is referred to in the charter of 1465
Edward IV was the first Yorkist king - the white rose. Other titles of Edward IV were 4th Duke of York, The Earl of March, 5th Earl of Cambridge, 9th Earl of Ulster, and the 65th Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

Yorkist King Edward IV held the title Earl of March
The Earl of March is a title created several times.  "March" refers to border regions such as between England and Wales (Welsh Marches) and between England and Scotland (Scottish Marches). Today the title Earl of March is held by the heir to the Duke of Richmond. 

Richard III also held the title Earl of March
The Duke of Richmond owns the Goodwood Estate which hosts the famous horse-racing course, automotive societies, golf courses, hotel and an aerodrome with flying school.  Goodwood is also the location of the Headquarters of Rolls Royce automotive.

King Simon of Australia (Nat. Geographic)
Edward IV became King twice - Mad as a March Hare ?
In the course of your own family history research you might come across a situation of a previously unknown change of name somewhere in your family tree.  Having a name that is not that of birth parents can sometimes be referred to as "being mad" or "schizophrenic" by royalist types as there is more than one identity to one person.  

King Simon of Australia

The purity of blood or "breeding" is of great importance to royalists as you can frequently witness by attitudes at posh society events,  however some researchers say that the true current monarch of England lives in Australia with the name Simon Abney-Hastings. One wonders what all the snobbery is about then.

King Simon of Australia - The Real English Monarch

Labour Party members should keep ahead of the tory snoopers with good family history knowledge

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Recommending Tides of History - A Great Example Of Labour Family History !

Keep ahead of the Tory snoopers and add to your political knowledge
As part of our ongoing appeal to ordinary Labour Party members to take a private interest in their own family history we will be recommending history web-sites that may assist you from time to time.

Being only amateur writers ourselves we really appreciate high quality work when we see it and we would like to recommend the work of the Tides of History web-site as a great read for the ordinary party member (like ourselves).  The twitter account of Tides Of History is @labour_history.  This is a great example of how Labour history can form the basis of healthy party activity and debate.

We are only encouraging Labour Party members to know the significant economic and political parts of their family history privately and regard it as part of their political tool-kit. . Whether you share it with anyone else is another matter entirely as is the use of DNA testing services that family history web-sites promote. We regard Labour Family History as a political counter-measure.

Remember that Tory snoopers use family history research as a tool and we want Labour Party members to be alert to it.

Tides of History web-site

Tides Of History On Twitter

Keep the TORY SNOOPERS out - our article

Labour Party members should know their family history - our article

Labour Party members can "do god" through family history and the role of religion in protest

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The Labour Party DOES recognise God

In this article we continue our appeal to ordinary Labour Party members to take an interest in their own family history and to know it before the tory snoopers do.  One aspect of family history that is of great importance is that of religion and its role in the fortunes of our families throughout European history.  The Labour Party does indeed "do God" and does it genuinely.

An ordinary member can help the Labour Party simply by knowing all significant parts of their own family history in relation to national economic and political history.  If you can't manage to deliver leaflets for whatever reason then please consider family history.

Alistair Campbell DOES do God - Telegraph article

The Havering Witness is interested in Unitarianism and Deism  

Labour Party member ? We appeal to you to take an interest in your family history

We share some of our family history but all we would like from Labour Party members is that they know theirs before the tory snoopers do