Monday, 19 February 2018

Tory "Top Gear" Playground Universities To Be Scrutinised

Tory Damian Hinds forced to review university costs
The TORY BOZO'S who run expensive and over-rated technical departments in our universities are to be scrutinised for value for money. 

Expensive machines and facilities are often needlessly duplicated by TORY BOZO academics who are more concerned with creating a technical playground for themselves rather than educating the next generation of engineers.

TORY BOZO academics are famous for their unique combination of arrogance and lack of achievement.

TORY BOZO's technical academics are not rated by the world's technical corporations who go elsewhere to find genuine talent not the boastful useless tory bozo's who have wasted BILLIONS and BILLIONS of our money !.

Tory Bozo's designed The Unsafe Sea Vixen - Billions wasted !
TORY BOZO academics create expensive playgrounds for themselves not the students

There is no need for every engineering department in the UK to have their own expensive facilities - private companies often have to book central lab / facility time why can't the over-rated TORY BOZO's who have produced nothing while Japan and China have charged ahead.

Labour's Open University is the best value for money technical education in the world !

Former Labour Party leader Harold Wilson created the best ever value for money university for technical and arts subjects alike when he created the Open University. The Open University produced many able mathematicians, engineers and scientists at a tiny fraction of the costs that TORY BOZO'c charge today !

Harold Wilson - you were the real genius !

TORY BOZO's forced to consider value-for-money after student and parent protests

TORY BOZO's to create more posh schools at OUR EXPENSE !

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Andrew Castle, LBC Presenter, Dismisses Our Truth Campaign As "Rude"

Mr Castle may not always have things his own way (Sun photo)
The Havering Witness phoned into the Andrew Castle Show on LBC this morning in order to challenge what we regard as the arrogance of those who hate the European Union.

Just as in our own campaign for a police investigation into London Borough of Havering council and individual police officers we seek the truth about Brexit as well. 

Andrew Castle calls our campaign for truth "rude" and seems to completely dismiss our right to say what we genuinely think. 

We are NOT seeking celebrity, we seek justice.

Andrew Castle calls us "rude" and having "lost manners" for seeking to state the truth

Friday, 16 February 2018

A Florida Mass-Shooting Could Have Happened In Havering

The 17 American lives taken by twisted lies backed with guns
Yet another far-right white supremacist has taken innocent American lives in an act of extreme violence driven by a twisted and perverted mentality promoted as a "political philosophy" by far-right group leaders. Racial diversity is a consequence of the world's natural variations in the living environment, it is not a political choice but a natural consequence. When will the far-right simply acknowledge this scientific fact ? When will they acknowledge that the white far-right do not represent a higher intelligence but merely a convenient separation from others for their own benefit.

A twisted mentality packed full of lies and backed by the availability of an assault weapon resulted in the death of 17 innocent American citizens preparing themselves for their lives ahead.  The availability of guns is the political issue gaining most attention but what of the twisted lies ?

Surely we have had the advantage of science for many centuries and racial diversity can be fully explained by science - why should we tolerate the deliberate promotion of racially-motivated lies that have a clear intent to cause harm ?  When it is possible to prove that something is a deliberate lie told with intent to cause harm then surely there are grounds to stop the organisation promoting them.  The membership of far-right groups are NOT proven to be highly intelligent or superior to anyone !

Romford's Andrew Rosindell MP 
Here in Havering we too have an establishment elite that is above the law. They put firearms and youth offenders into a local college in a criminal attempt to "fix" the closure of the college due to its proximity to a wealthy area.  They then sent police officers to warn off the witnesses and friends of those deliberately exposed to danger. Despite the seriousness of the criminal orchestration involved no arrests have ever been made and the perpetrators simply sit back and laugh at our attempts to get justice.

The actions of the Havering Conservative elite could easily have resulted in the multiple deaths that have so tragically occurred in Florida.
The murder of Jo Cox MP has been met with similar indifference by those with right wing   sympathies here in Havering. 

Some locals, politically hostile to him, say that the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell was among a group of anti-EU politicians who once thought that terrorism was justified in the pursuit of Brexit. There are ongoing investigations into the manipulation of far-right terrorist groups throughout the EU and into the political activity in support of them.  Full anti-terrorism powers were not used in the investigation of the murder of Jo Cox MPElizabeth Peacock, the former Conservative MP for Batley & Spen, did not publicly condemn the murder of a fellow Batley & Spen MP as we might reasonably expect out of a sense of civic responsibility.

Terrorism ? Well when something looks like it, acts like it, talks like it and plans for it then yes it should be regarded as terrorism and full anti-terrorist powers used.  Brexit means that far-right terrorism within the EU supported from the UK is now an international security issue with a military response now possible.

Royalist Telegraph reports on White Supremacist links to Florida Shooting

Names of the 17 innocent victims - NY Times report

Havering Conservatives put machine gun and youth offenders into college to cause closure of the site

Church of the Royal Brexit - The subversion of God and justice

Insulting the History of British Civil Rights

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Church of the Royal Brexit - The Subversion of God

Spiritual and Mental Health Crisis Arising From Political Subversion Within The Local "Moral Community"

Flags are not God
We are all familiar with the leading BREXIT campaign figures such as Nigel Farage, Bill Cash MP and John Redwood MP but there is much less coverage of BREXIT supporters who have penetrated our local community organisations and turned them into "soft" BREXIT campaign groups.  . 

Our experience of how BREXIT TORIES operate here in Romford over the years has left us feeling deeply concerned about future spiritual and mental health in our home town.  Going by our national press we have no reason to believe that these concerns would be any different anywhere else in the "UK".
In this age of huge change and extreme events you could be forgiven for assuming that the leading churches in our community would be focussed on issues such as disaster response; pollution and waste; refugee safe havens, wealth, poverty and debt; and the power of national and international government to do anything ! 

Spritual and Mental Ill-Health - Don't Suffer In Silence !
The truth is that Romford churches and associated community and charity groups such as the various male-dominated tory "charities",  youth organisations,  womens institutes,  and other town guilds and clubs have not made a single unified public statement on any of the major issues for decades. All, that is, except for BREXIT.
The local "religious and charity support" of BREXIT has been made public knowledge by community gossip.  There are some very conspicious things such as flying the flag of St. George from church steeples permanently instead of the church's own flags for example.  However the main "BREXIT weapon" is word of mouth backed by the status of organisation membership. One of our local churches even had a "men's club" called Redwood for years.
What does this all mean in a nutshell ? It means that in our local church and associated community the appreciation and study of God is very much secondary to the political aims of its members. God being "officially" secondary has been and will be the cause of much spiritual and mental ill-health in our community and will continue to be until the church declares itself to be unable to function due to political subversion.

Blackshirts replacing everything with nationalism
People in Romford can no longer make the simple assumption that someone who attends church is primarily concerned with God or that a scout leader is primarily concerned with health and well-being.. In days past sub-cultures within the church were dealt with in no uncertain terms but the corruption of the Church of the Royal Brexit knows no such limitations. 

The nationalist flag-waving work of satan is now the norm and he waits for opportunity in the resulting division of church from God that is his home. God is a universal entity and is not justly represented by the nationalist flag-wavers of Romford whatever their CV says.
Join our sociology study by making a mental  note of comments made by Church, community and charity group members in Romford about BREXIT and increasingly about Scottish Independence and the rise of the SNP. Please report your findings and your feelings about them, anonymously if you prefer, to senior church leadership - give them the chance to consider your concerns please DO NOT suffer in silence ! Give yourself the chance of having good spiritual and mental health and face a difficult future with the inner strength of truth.

Short Story - Three Park Benchers by John Expert-Christian

Tory farmers to keep snouts in "Euro-trough"


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentines Day - Where Have All The Tractor Factory Women Gone ?

This valentines day we reflect on the tractor factory woman of the past and simply ask where have all you lovely girls gone !

We need you back as the Margaret Thatcher generations are making us feel physically sick and not romantic at all. Lovely tractor factory girls ! Why did you go ? Where are you now ?

REPUBLIC OF HAVERING ! A song and poem of protest

Are The Tories Blocking Your Child's Potential ?

 Your Child's  Talents ARE Important  !

One thing that NASTY TORY BREXIT has brought back into sharp focus is the enthusiasm that the Conservative Party have for blocking the abilities of ordinary people.  The tories have, for centuries, been engaged in a determined effort to protect their families and institutions at the cost of all else.
The tories aren't interested in your future they are only interested in their own

Tory toffs laugh at confusion in our school system
The traditional "red-brick" schools for working-class families are continually being divided by specialisms and different models of funding which are designed to confuse the picture for parents and employers alike.  They are so many different types of school that people have lost track of fundamental measures of ability - this was the intention.
Posh schools sit back and laugh at the confusion in our education system

While all this is going on the posh public and grammar schools continue with their traditions and sit back and laugh at all the confusion and encourage more with the ongoing undermining of working-class ability. The talents of your children are being deliberately sidelined.
Any school should put the mental-physical-spiriual balance of its pupils first

Is your child's potential ignored by tory policies ? 
One measure of a school that can be used by anybody is - Does the school carefully design its timetable for the healthy mind, body and spiritual balance of the pupil ? 
For example, posh schools often do not have the exercise book subject classes after lunch break, they only have activites, sports and crafts in the afternoons.  All of their serious academic classes are done in the mornings.

Why do posh schools avoid academic lessons in the afternoon ?
Its because they know that a child cannot healthily read and write all day long - even adults can't do that ! Why put a child through it !
Working-class children are being deliberately unbalanced  

Mental and physical energy must be balanced for a healthy well-motivated child. But in our schools with our curriculum and our timetables the child is not given a healthy balance. The individual motivation of our children and the whole-school behaviour standard suffer greatly as a result. It is a downward spiral designed by the tories to suppress the abilities of your children.
The Conservative Party obstruct the abilities of our people

Only the Labour Party will take our concerns seriously and look at ways to improve the mental-physical-spiritual balance of schools for the benefits of the many and not the few.   Please vote Labour and give Jeremy Corbyn and his team the opportunity they WANT to deal with the unfairness of life in our country.
We hope that the talents in your family can escape the nastiness of the Conservative Party and that those talents find an opportunity in a re-born country of true merit led by Labour Party for the many and not the few.

British children in poverty while tories plan new royal yachts

Are You Annoyed By The "Made In The Royal Navy" Advert ?

Are You Annoyed By The Royal Navy Recruitment Advert ?

"I'm was born in ... but I was made in the Royal Navy". The wording of the current Royal Navy recruitment advert in combination with the insulting behaviour of the Conservatives at Rememberance Sunday services here in Romford is making us increasingly annoyed. In Royal Romford there is no shortage of Conservatives who think that the military are the pinnacle of human achievement. They will dismiss anyone and anything on the basis that they have no military service or something is unconnected to the "gold standard" of the military. 

Only the military can make you ?
Conservatives like to talk about defense matters a very great deal but the actual military service of their own sons and daughters is likely to be much less impressive than their speeches and conversations at the club or masonic lodge. 

At Rememberance Sunday services here in Royal Romford they have insulted the Labour Party representative on numerous occasions over the years.  Labour veterans and their families have been made to feel unwelcome at a public service they are entitled to share equally with others. 
Now the Royal Navy is using a slogan in its advertising that we think is insulting to families and towns throughout the UK.  The slogan is "I was born in ... but I was made in the Royal Navy"

Do you think the Royal Navy advert implies that families have nothing to offer their children ?
Why does the Royal Navy think that someone can't be "made" by parents, wider family and civilian organisations ?

Why do they think that parents and wider family are incapable of successfully guiding young people into fully mature adults ?
We think the arrogance of the Royal Navy advert is breath-taking. Many parents and teachers do an excellent job of guiding a child into a fully mature adult possessing a full range of abilities. 

We say that Conservatives are not motivated by public service

Labour veterans and families DO matter !
We hope that the Advertising Standards Agency will listen to our complaint but we doubt, from past experience, that they will accept our argument.  We suspect that, like every other public body run by the Conservatives, they will simply ignore our complaint and treat the public like we don't really matter.

Labour families do matter !

We say that Conservatives have little interest in genuine public service they are mainly concerned with using public money to protect and further their own interests.  They even insult Labour war veterans and their families on the one Sunday every year put aside to remember.  Conservatives regard themselves as moral and decent but we have witnessed a very different reality.     

Royal Navy advert on You Tube- Ben's Story

Royal Navy advert - Gareth's story

Romford Conseravtive Party insult the Labour-voting fallen, surviving veterans and their families