Friday, 13 July 2018

Is Sadiq Khan's Mayoralty Inherently Anti-Semitic ?

Is Sadiq Khan's vote inherently leaning to anti-semitism ?
Our regular readers will know that we were suspended from Romford Labour Party on a false charge of anti-semitism - we say that other issues were behind the attack on our justice and public safety campaign. .

The real issue, we say, is to do with the poor leadership of Romford Labour Party and the constant suppression of our campaign.

Anti-Semitism was used by the Labour Party and their posh friends to settle other grudges against us.

We are NOT anti-semites - it is a deliberate lie to smear us as such and it is a lie welcomed by the corrupt Havering establishment we have been campaigning against for over 40 years. While the Labour Party thinks it okay to smear us with any convenient insult they like, they selected a practising muslim, Sadiq Khan, as Mayor of London. London was once the Christian capital of the Empire and later Commonwealth.

"Few Muslim leaders in London stand out against anti-Semitism, and many ignore it or even express it themselves. If they can make Muslim voters feel that the Jews, by protesting, are preventing a Muslim becoming Mayor of London, then Mr Khan will get more Muslim votes. " Charles Moore, Editor of The Telegraph (see link below)

Rosindell for London Mayor in 2020 !
Would Sadiq Khan be Mayor of London without the London muslim and wider anti-Israel vote ? Aren't many London muslims fervently anti-Israel ? Surely Andrew Rosindell MP would be the safer option for Mayor of London - once the christian capital of empire and now commonwealth.

Andrew Neil questions Mayor Sadiq Khan About Trump Blimp

President Trump says Labour's Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is "doing a terrible job on terrorism"

More than a Million muslims in London - Charles Moore, Telegraph

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Snooty Havering Fabians Are No Doubt Pleased With Our Suspension From Romford Labour Party

We political dinosaurs want justice for Havering 
The Havering Witness has been banned from the Romford Labour Party on a fake charge of "anti-semitism" - the snooty Havering Fabian Society are surely pleased at this. We have asked to speak at a Havering Fabian Society meeting for many years and have always been ignored because we are not in the "clique".

The clever-clever Havering Fabian Society want to shut us up just like their tory middle-class friends in Havering higher society, freemasons and police.  We have never received any help for our campaign in 40 years, we have only ever received abuse, intimidation and several attempts at criminal "frames" including the use of a Royal security operation. 

Older members were labelled "dinosaurs" by the Romford Labour Party chair at a party meeting for having the temerity to show disapproval of gay rights receiving such a high profile in the middle of the 2018 local council election campaigns.  The only significant press release sent to the Romford Recorder during the campaign reported a gay rights event outside Romford Town Hall - some  older "dinosaur" members were very irritated by this.

A few days after the council election, the founder of the Havering Witness,  a "dinosaur" member of Romford Labour Party concerned with justice and associated economic issues,  received a notice of suspension on a fake charge of "anti-semitism".  The real reason, as ever with the Havering Witness, was to help the local establishment keep us quiet.  

While the snooty Romford Labour and Fabian clique are dismissing old white working-class  "dinosaurs" with fake "anti-semitism" charges for political convenience, Labour's muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Labour's muslim Shadow Equalities Minister Naz Shah, are given full support by the party's elites without question.

As ever in this country it is who you know that counts. The hypocrisy of the snooty oxbridge and catholic elites who run British politics never cease to amaze us.

Andrew Rosindell MP as Mayor of London in 2020 is our best chance of Havering corruption and Rememberance Sunday political conduct receiving political scrutiny

Our suspension from Romford Labour Party is beyond our understanding

Saturday, 7 July 2018

We Support Andrew Rosindell MP For London Mayor !

Andrew Rosindell for London Mayor in 2020 ! (Recorder photo)
The Havering Witness Supports Andrew Rosindell MP as the next Mayor of London in 2020.

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has entered the contest for the next London Mayor.  We wish Mr Rosindell great success in his bid to clean up London and its spiralling crime rate.

The aim of the Havering Witness is justice for the victims of corruption and orchestrated criminality in the London Borough of Havering, we have been campaigning for over 40 years. 

We think that Andrew Rosindell's successfull election as Mayor of London, working closely with senior officers of the Metropolitan Police, offers excellent prospects for justice and public safety including in the London Borough of Havering. 

We Support Andrew Rosindell MP for next London Mayor in 2020

We believe that Andrew Rosindell MP has knowledge of and some involvement in corruption and orchestrated criminality in the London Borough of Havering BUT as a young "apprentice" politician in the early 1980's he was NOT the architect or controller of it.  To us Mr Rosindell is a potential whistleblower and witness for the prosecution - we hope he will do just that.

Labour's Mayor of London Sadiq Khan Out !
The Havering Witness has recently been banned from Romford Labour Party on a fake and convenient charge of "anti-semitism".

We criticised members of the jewish community who think that all jews must vote Conservative and that jewish safety is above the safety of all others.

Jewish people have the freedom to vote for who they wish. 

Will Labour's Mayor Sadiq Khan Follow The Lead Of Romford Labour Party ?  Will Romford Labour Party's anti-semitism crusade gather pace ?

Romford Labour Party supported accusations of "anti-semitism" what about the rest of London ? We wonder if Labour's muslim mayor Sadiq Khan will follow the lead of Romford Labour Party and adopt an anti-semitism crusade expanded to include all London Labour parties.  We hadn't previously realised that Romford Laboour Party, led by chair Angelina Leatherbarrow, were the champions of anti-semitism in Romford.

While the Havering Witness was banned from the Labour Party on fake charges, thousands of muslim Labour Party members and supporters with very strong views about the Iraq war and Afghanistan do not seem to have been put under the same level of scrutiny - by our reckoning London Labour Party should be very busy indeed with anti-semitic member and supporter reports and suspensions.

Romford Labour chair Leatherbarrow Out !
We hope that Andrew Rosindell as Mayor of London will be able to assist in the cleaning up of the London Borough of Havering, the improvement in the quality of local government generally throughout London, combat spiralling crime rates and help the Labour Party in its new role as champions of anti-semitism.

We do realise that Mr Rosindell may well question the role of Mayor of London itself but while he is mayor we hope he will also find time to establish a legal code of conduct for the behaviour  of politicians at Rememberance Sunday services.  People in Havering have told us that they are sick to the bottom of their stomachs with political games being played at Rememberance Sunday services.

Romford Recorder report

Time FM 107.5 report

Clever clever New Statesman think that Andrew Rosindell will cause a landslide for Sadiq Khan

Romford Labour Party fails in the historic home of Romford football.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Doctor ! Doctor ! I've Got The Cringes Again

Sunshine, strawberries, people, laughter - Wimbledon tennis seems to have a great deal going for it but as locals here in Romford have pointed out it is also a time of "cringing embarassment for English sports fans".   People in Romford, angry about the rise in violent crime and increasing socio-economic divides in their home town,  are not finding much solace in Wimbledon. 

One local sports fan said "Every year I feel embarrassed when mediocre English ex-tennis players offer their opinions on the true greats of the game. It makes me cringe and I have to turn the sound down. I mentioned my Wimbledon cringe to the  doctor he said he gets it a bit too."

Andrew Castle has no Grand Slams but has plenty of talk
English tennis pundits like John Lloyd, Andrew Castle and Tim Henman don't have a single Grand Slam title between them "but they are always telling us what they think the champion players ought to be doing - it drives me mad !" said a local sports fan.

We at the Havering Witness find these kind of views very familiar but in a different context. Our local Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell is always talking about the armed forces, police, public service and youth organisations but he doesn't appear to have served in any of them unless you count being a scout or an air cadet. Mr Rosindell is seen  by many as being more concerned with his own social standing than serving ALL the people of Romford, rich and poor alike.

We have, with our limited means, tried to research whether Mr Rosindell has supported one single low-income constituent in launching a genuine case for compensation against a powerful defendant. We cannot find a shred of evidence in the media that he has - we simply do not believe that Romford has no cases of medical negligence or business malpractice to pursue.

Many people in Romford are tired of feeling "the cringe" whether it is derived from  mediocre English tennis players who have turned into TV and radio pundits or from the Conservative Party and their constant references to public service while violent and other crime spiral out of control.       

Judging from the crowded pubs on a Saturday in our Conservative-designed town centre it looks like pub chain JD Wetherspoon are offering the best remedy for a case of the cringes - We sure we've seen the doctor in there too !  

Our Suspension From Romford Labour Party Is Beyond Our Understanding

Laughing Tories - not what we would do to a campaigner
The founder of the Havering Witness Justice Campaign has been suspended from Romford Labour Party but remains totally mystified as to why the Labour party are so keen to help Romford Conservatives and Andrew Rosindell MP.

A trumped-up charge of "anti-semitism" was used following a post which compared the quiet immigration of French jews into the UK with the loud outcry about Eastern European immigration - the Haveriing Witness simply wanted to know why ALL immigration was NOT being treated equally.

There are many areas of the world from which people apply to the UK for safety, we simply asked why affluent French jews apparently have a special arrangement. We say that raising this issue DOES NOT constitute anti-semitism it is a comment on immigration policy generally in the context of the BREXIT debate.

It is beyond our understanding why the Labour Party are so keen help the Conservative Party in the London Borough of Havering. 

The real reason ? Labour's poor performance in Brooklands Ward - old "holy" home of Romford football 

Havering Witness suspended from Labour Party on fake charge of "anti-semitism" 

Friday, 29 June 2018

To Andrew Rosindell MP - Is there nothing wrong in Romford at all ?

Andrew Rosindell MP has once again been in the news this week following yet another spate of violent crime in our once peaceful home town of Romford.  Mr Rosindell likes to give the impression that the increase in violent crime in Romford is being exaggerated and that we don't understand what is really going on - but locals know the truth  - violent crime HAS increased since Andrew Rosindell MP was first elected seventeen years ago. The people of Romford are NOT mugs  Mr Rosindell - they don't want your patronising remarks, they want action.

Locals want a different kind of MP (Romford Recorder)
Many locals in Romford, Conservative and Labour voters alike, want a different kind of Romford MP. They want an MP that puts Romford and crime-fighting first NOT an MP like Rosindell who is seen as more interested in building a career in Foreign Affairs, mixing with Royal society and serving the wealthier parts of Romford only. 

Journalist Simon Heffer called Mr Rosindell "the king of subsidised jaunts" due to his extensive travelling around the Commonwealth - isn't the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family paid to do this already ? Why is Mr Rosindell doing it as well ?

What Mr Rosindell should be doing is 
  1. Giving a full statement to the Metropolitan Police concerning his alleged knowledge and involvement of corruption and orchestrated criminality in Havering politics. Mr Rosindell should give any evidence he has on criminal incidents in relation to former Chase Cross Comprehesive School, former Romford FC Football Stadium (Brooklands), Havering College of HFE, and the "cherry-picked" selling of public land and buildings in the 1980s.  
  2. Having given a full statement to the police enabling an investigation Mr Rosindell should then give his evidence in court under CROWN oath in the subsequent trial.
  3. Having completed his "Whistleblower" public duty Mr Rosindell should then resign as an MP in accordance with many voters wishes for a different kind of MP - whether the new MP be Tory OR Labour in the by-election.  

 Is Andrew Rosindell MP "getting above his station in life" ?

Andrew Rosindell MP's "busy weekend" of TV interviews

Andrew Rosindell MP - Leading advocate of everybody else joining the uniformed services

Andrew Rosindell MP claims there "aren't divides" in Romford

The People On Rosindell - Many People in Romford, Tories AND Labour voters alike, want a different kind of Romford MP 

The "Pestering" of vulnerable people in Havering

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Family of Romford Man With "Mental Health Problems" Shot Dead By Police Speak Out

Romford man Richard Cottier was shot dead in the street by a police force that is growing more like a private security company every day. Romford police are only interested in protecting their Conservative Party and freemason friends in the wealthier parts of Havering like Upminster, Emerson Park and Gidea Park. 

The Havering Witness has been campaigning for justice and public safety in corrupt Tory Havering for over 40 years. We know how close our "impartial system of justice" is to the wealthy families of Havering and their interests - we don't have Law and Order in Havering we have a private royalist militia paid for by the tax payer.
Melissa Cottier "Our lives have been torn apart" (Romford Recorder)

Would a Conservative Party member or freemason waving a gun in Emerson Park have been shot dead by his Tory friends in the police ? We very much doubt it - the situation would have been handled differently.

Melissa Cottier said that her husband "had been suffering with his mental health for some time. He had lost his stepfather six weeks before and had been out of work for 10 months. My life has been torn apart. I feel like I’ve had everything taken away from me. He was a loving father, he loved his children, and he was a big kid just like them.”

The shooting has been referred to the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) but don't think that will see justice - remember the Thomas Orchard case, the police aggression inflicted on a man with mental health issues by the police was fully captured on video - but still the custody death cops walked free to their pensions.

Family of shot Romford man Richard Cottier speak out - “He was crying out for help.” 

Death cops cleared in Thomas Orchard case - Thomas also had mental health concerns