Friday, 13 April 2018

Violent Crime In Romford Since Election Of Andrew Rosindell MP

Violent crime in Romford causing deep worry
The latest shooting in Romford has added yet more worry to locals already distressed at  violent crime in their home town.

Violent crime in Romford has increased since the election of Andrew Rosindell MP seventeen years ago.

Romford is more violent since Andrew Rosindell MP was first elected say locals

Why has Romford changed for the worse since Andrew Rosindell became our MP ?

Many people don't think that Mr Rosindell is the good community safety MP he often claims to be. For many years Mr Rosindell has projected a political image of a crime fighter concerned with public safety but the reality of life in Romford over the past seventeen years tells a very different story.

The locals say that their home town was never as violent as it is today.  Parents, teachers, pensioners and other vulnerable groups are all very worried at the violent changes in daily Romford life.
People are worried by a "background culture of extremism"

The worry comes at a time when American students are protesting against gun violence targetted at education.  Mass shootings in American schools and colleges have heightened global debate about gun laws.

Schools and Colleges Attacked In America - Remember The Dunblane Shooting ?

Andrew Rosindell MP is in favour of wider gun ownership and relaxing the Dangerous Dogs Act.  Politicians capitalising on increasing violence is a deep concern in itself.

Man Shot Dead By Police in Romford 2018 - BBC

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Two charged with Romford murder 2017 - ITV

Romford Man admits murder

Romford Teenager stabbed

Romford - Two stabbings in a week

High profile incidents linked to Romford

Romford schoolboy turned terrorist and murdered soldier Lee Rigby

Irish "fenian" family member with weapons store joined Romford Conservative Party

Are God And Royalty Really The Same Thing ?

Taj Mahal damaged in violent storm
The Taj Mahal, a monument to Indian royalty, has been damaged in a violent storm. 

It seems that God and Royalty do indeed speak a very different language.

The age-old insult of royalty being equal to God has seen a level of justice at long long last !

God speaks a language which today is called natural science

In ancient suppressed religions God was the monotheistic representation of the natural world as a whole in a holistic sense of balance. It was the expediencies of royal power that shifted the emphasis to written human history, military power and the "chosen people" celebrity of Judaism.

There is no evidence that God has ever changed language or identity since the start of time itself. 

Royal BBC reports

Republic of Havering - a song or poem of protest

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Romford Gunman Shot Dead By Police

In yet another scene of violence on Romford streets a gunman was shot dead by police in the early hours of Monday morning.  Romford seems to get more and more violent everyday and less and less Romford people have public safety faith in Romford MP Andrew Rosindell. Mr Rosindell is himself at the centre of allegations involving illegal firearms in the Havering College machine gun scandal.

Andrew Rosindell MP opposes Dangerous Dogs Act
Since TORY Andrew Rosindell became the Romford MP violent crime seems to have increased greatly in the Romford area.  Dozens of murders by gun and knife attacks have occurred in our home town since Andrew Rosindell became our MP.

Andrew Rosindell MP is in favour of wider gun ownership and is on record criticising the Dangerous Dogs Act despite many children being killed or permanently harmed by dog attacks.

Mr Rosindell has still not made any public statement on allegations of his knowledge and involvement in the Havering College of FE machine gun scandal.  The Conservatives involved were not shot dead by police despite a machine gun with live ammunition being fired on college premises. No action has ever been taken by the police.

The Havering Witness was founded to campaign for a full criminal investigation into the Conservative Party and allegations of orchestrated criminality at the college and in relation to former Romford football ground Brooklands and its closure for property development.
Romford Recorder reports

Yellow Advertiser Reports

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell supports wider gun ownership

Outstanding Moral Leadership of American Students Demanding Change To Gun Laws

Intelligence-Led Right Wing Paramilitary Activity

Andrew Rosindell MP opposes Dangerous Dogs Act

Irish "Fenian" Family joined Romford Conservative Party - college scandal followed

Friday, 6 April 2018

Disrepectful British Blue Jews And Parliamentary Democracy

Mr Corbyn deserves respect for his work
Once again we have witnessed the intolerable arrogance of the Board of Deputies of British Jews in the tone and manner they have treated Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Who on earth do Tory Jews think they are ?

Mr Corbyn is a potential Prime Minister and has made his views on equality and related economic matters very clear for decades. Mr Corbyn deserves respect for his contribution to British politics over many years.  Instead we have rich Jewish "yuppies" treating him like a house servant.
Mr Corbyn deserves respect for his many years of work on justice and equality

Over his political career Mr Corbyn has been a rare voice on injustice of all kinds and received a torrent of abuse for his efforts. No mention has been made of the many years of abuse and hate that Mr Corbyn has himself been subjected to by Jewish "yuppies" and their tory peers
Jewish "yuppies" just sat back and laughed at the despair of poor jews

The Board of Deputies of British Jews were busy cheering Margaret Thatcher and her "yuppie" supporters laughing at the British poor.  The survivors of World War II saw the post-war Labour Party policies they voted destroyed by tory pigs wallowing in a trough of greed.

Pensioners died in despair at Jewish-support of Thatcher's "pig trough" policies 

Thatcher's Blue Jew "yuppies" laughing at the poor
 Many survivors died in social isolation and despair at the policies of Margaret Thatcher and her "yuppie" henchman. Thatcher's jewish "yuppies" enjoyed what they did.  The Board of Deputies of British Jews who supported the policies of Thatcherism unsurprisingly do not have the full support of jews in the UK and are not thought representative of the full range of jewish identity. 

The Board of Deputies are NOT the respected body they often imply they are 

The Board of Deputies of British Jews and Jewish Freemasons should immediately make it very clear that they do NOT have the full support of all jews in England and should stop behaving as if they do.

BBC Report of letters exchanged

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Shut Up Lord Sugar ! Shut Up All Blue Jews !

Lord Sugar, the British Board of Deputies and many other TORY JEWISH groups have all decided to attack Jeremy Corbyn.

WE believe that BLUE JEWS have attacked Mr Corbyn for his belief in Socialism.

Those whining "BLUE JEWS" like Lord Sugar who bent over backwards to support Margaret Thatcher should answer to the survivors of World War II who voted overwhelmingly for Labour Party public ownership policies after the war.

The Labour-supporting post-war generation wanted a better life for themselves and their children - who is Lord Sugar and the rest of the intolerably arrogant BLUE JEW community to deny it to them ?

British working people gave their lives for democracy and wanted Public Ownership - TORY JEWS played an enthusiastic role in the 1980's destruction of the post-war society the heroes of World War II voted for in such large numbers.

Many millions died fighting Adolf Hitler including many many thousands of SOCIALISTS whose sacrifice helped liberate the death camps of the Holocaust.  Jeremy Corbyn is the democratically-elected leader of the political descendants of those heroes.

TORY JEWS should shut up and move to Israel if parts of British public opinion are not to their special liking.  Don't tell us what to think Lord Sugar there's a good chap - we are entitled to believe in Public Ownership without your permission or that of the rest of the BLUE JEW community.

The Havering Witness believes in a basic model of citizenship that includes the public ownership of the fundamental sectors of power, water, transport, NHS and school education.

Offensive Comments By Lord Sugar

ROMFORD Conservatives insult Labour War Dead and their families

Lives Taken And Lives Ruined By Guns Pointed At Education

Giving teachers guns ? Is that the answer ?
Why is the education of young people so frequently the target of mass shootings ? Thousands of lives have been taken or ruined by the hatred of young people and education.  We don't have to put up with it.


What is it about the education of young people that creates such evil hatred in an individual  that he or she would kill children ?


We can offer a suggestion - Facism hates books and hates thinkers. Facism organises its economy around war and weapons. We say that the deeper cause of guns being pointed and fired at children and education is the economic system we live in.


Only a publicly-owned economy can create the sense of common endeavour and identity that will make the in-roads into hate and social alienation that lies behind these constant attacks on young people and their futures.


Only the Labour Party offers the sensible economic model that will address the deeper causes of hate, social alienation and despair that the policies of Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party have created over the past four decades.

We believe that it is the Conservative Party and their friends in the Republican Party NRA (National Rifle Association) that have created such deep hatred.  It's time to return to public ownership.

Young People Killed In A Place Of Education

Dunblane Primary School

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Umpqua Community College

Columbine High School

Havering Could Have Been Victim Of A Machine Gun College Shooting

Mass Shooting Could Have Occured In Havering College "Fix" - An Orchestrated Crime Scandal

Research And Intimidation Tactics Employed Against Labour People

How do right-wing extremists get their guns ?

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Dunblane Families Back #MarchForOurLives Campaign

From BBC Report:

Victims Of The Dunblane Shooting - Their families back #MarchForOurLives
Relatives of the Dunblane shooting victims joined a demonstration outside the US consulate in Edinburgh backing calls for tougher gun controls.
The event was one of more than 800 being staged around the world to show solidarity with the March For Our Lives movement in Washington DC.
It was set up after a gunman killed 17 students and teachers at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school in Florida. Several hundred people also gathered outside the US embassy in London.

Speakers at the Edinburgh event included the family of Dunblane victim Emma Crozier. Jack Crozier and his sister Ellie said they wanted to show change can happen and encourage the Parklands students in their campaign.  They read a letter of support to those affected by the Parkland tragedy.
Earlier this month, survivors and relatives of the Dunblane tragedy, in which 16 children and a teacher were shot dead by Thomas Hamilton, sent a message of support to students affected by the Parkland school shooting . A letter was sent to Marjory Stoneman Douglas School on the 22nd anniversary of the Dunblane murders. Ten family members of victims and survivors also recorded a video message entitled Dunblane Stands With Parkland.

Dunblane Families Join March For Our Lives Campaign - Daily Record

Dunblane Survivors Send Message of Support to Florida Victims

#MarchForOurLives - as it happened, Guardian report