Saturday, 23 June 2018

Romford Labour Party Failure In Brooklands Ward

Romford Labour Party Fails To Impress 

Angelina Leatherbarrow has had her chance - time for her to go !

Angelina Leatherbarrow is the Labour parliamentary candidate for Romford and lost heavily to Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell in the 2017 general election. Leatherbarrow also stood in the recent 2018 Local Government elections as a Labour council candidate in Brooklands Ward of the London Borough of Havering.  Despite all the previous celebrity and party-grandee backing of standing in the 2017 General Election,  Leatherbarrow only scraped 1,592 votes in Brooklands Ward, 750 votes behind the leading tory candidate who has never stood as a general election candidate. Brooklands was a Labour Party target ward with Leatherbarrow as its star candidate.

Local Artists Impression
During the 2018 council election campaign you might have expected to see an effective focussed media campaign by Leatherbarrow and her team highlighting the issues of greatest concern to voters. Voters are finding the current economic conditions very difficult indeed with household debt at record levels,  BREXIT job losses announced nearly every day and deep anxiety about social care.  Did we see Leatherbarrow effectively address these serious concerns in the media ? No,  we had to read about a gay event outside Romford Town Hall instead.  Leatherbarrow has failed as a Labour candidate and its time for her to find some celebrity elsewhere. Older members of Romford Labour Party don't like being called "dinosaurs".

Angelina Leatherbarrow has a new Romford Labour Party colleague who is none other than former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Romford Nigel Meyer.  Meyer attends Romford Labour Party meetings after 20 years or so of the Havering Liberal Democrats blocking an electoral alliance between Labour / Liberal Democrats to help get the Conservatives out.  Meyer and the Havering Liberal Democrats refusal to form a General Election pact with Labour ensured many Conservative wins.  The Liberal Democrats were approached by former Labour council leader Arthur Latham to become part of a single "Rainbow Alliance"  general election platform against the tories - they refused and let the tories win on that occassion and many others.

As well as being the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate who helped the tories win Nigel Meyer was also a Liberal Democrat councillor in successive Conservative Party-controlled councils in Havering.  We cannot recall Nigel Meyer ever showing strong public support for any Labour Party initiatives by Havering Labour leaders such as Ray Harris.   For someone who now attends Labour Party meetings Nigel Meyer's time as a Liberal Democrat councillor shows little evidence of keen support for Labour policies. 

A Labour Party source unhappy with Labour candidate Angelina Leatherbarrow and Labour "colleague" Nigel Meyer has told us that Nigel Meyer is or was a work colleague of Labour Barking & Dagenham councillor Margaret Mullane - if true surely this a big boost for Nigel Meyer.  Mullane is evident as a key Labour election campaigner on social media throughout the 2018 council elections and it seems likely that a personal recommendation of Nigel Meyer from Margaret Mullane would play a supportive role in any selection as a Labour council or parliamentary candidate in the future.

Leatherbarrow, Meyer and Mullane ? God help the poor white people of Romford !

Friday, 22 June 2018

White Working Class People Matter - OFSTED

Amanda Spielman
After many many decades of being ignored even ridiculed as "trash" by the wealthy professional establishment and their commonwealth friends (trained in the professions at our expense), the futures of poor white working class children have found a place on the political map.

White working class children should be at the top of the political agenda and the national curriculum redesigned to suit their needs not the desires of the white, asian and black middle-class professionals - who received their professional training and status at the tax payers expense.

The NHS was voted for by poor working class white families in the 1945 Labour landslide, the British establishment and their commonwealth friends have done nothing but undermine its original purpose ever since. Now the NHS is a place for the middle-classes to get richer and acquire ever higher social status.

Amanda Spielman OFSTED chief inspector of schools in England said “Over the past few years, there has been a long overdue debate about white working-class communities in England, and why they have fallen behind.We are having to grapple with the unhappy fact that many local working-class communities have felt the full brunt of economic dislocation in recent years".

BBC Report

Guardian report

Friday, 15 June 2018

Child Dies At David Lloyd Health Centre

"I found him at the far end of pool face down at the bottom."
Rocco Wright, 3, was found drowned in the deep end of the swimming pool at the David Lloyd Health Club in Leeds.  Despite newspaper reports that the child "wandered off" it is our understanding that life guards at swimming pools are responsible for public safety at all times in the pool area.
The Sun reports on Rocco Wright, 3, who drowned at David Lloyd's Health Club

David Lloyd - Businessman and Tennis Player


Interesting  Fact

International Rugby Star Beat David Lloyd at Tennis

Welsh Rugby Legend JPR Williams was also an excellent youth tennis player who beat David Lloyd in a British Junior Championship in 1966 at Wimbledon.  

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Fathers and Daughters - The Skripals and others

(Chaps and Daughters by Hugo Chinless-Wonder, Europhobe Think-Tank)

What is it about fathers and daughters  ?  

We recently had the Skripal incident in Salisbury where a military father and his daughter were the target of a nerve agent attack. We are old enough to remember other father and daughter incidents.  

Petra Kelly - very very famous
We remember Petra Kelly and Anna Massey in the public eye for months on end but were these people the only cases of an issue involving a father and his daughter we wonder ? We doubt it, but we think we are obliged to be diverted by the press and to wave flags at the Queen. 

Are there other cases we don't know about ? Famous fathers and daughters involved in Anti-European BREXIT campaigning perhaps ? Who knows.

(Our old school Chase Cross Comprehensive (now Bower Park) in Romford had a French teacher who constantly dropped Anna Massey's name  as a relative or a contact - we can't remember which exactly.  In addition to French he was very keen on Drama.  He went on to teach in  a posh Girls School in Woodford, Essex despite previous allegations of over-familiarity with pupils and teaching pupils about drugs. )  

Petra Kelly - The Independent 

Anna Massey - The Guardian 

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Havering Witness Banned From Labour Party For Alleged "Anti-Semitism"

Jewish Tories are NOT above politics
The Havering Witness has been banned from the Labour Party for writing articles highlighting the difference in treatment of Eastern Europeans and French Jews during the BREXIT debate

During the many years of EU-hate generated by BREXITEERS such as Nigel Farage and Andrew Rosindell MP hostility towards Eastern Europeans grew greatly.  The Metropolitan Police produced figures on hate crimes directed at Eastern Europeans. 

In stark contrast to the hate being poured onto Eastern Europeans the same period saw the quiet immigration of wealthy French Jews into the UK who settled in the affluent West London area.  Additional French Rabbis were brought in to meet the needs of these wealthy immigrants. At no time did any BREXITEER make any comment about French Jewish immigration even though they were engaged in anti-immigration politics on a daily basis.

Our intention was to draw attention to this contradiction.  Jewish people who vote Conservative and live in affluent West London are NOT above political scrutiny and to make political points about Jewish immigration during the BREXIT debate DOES NOT constitute Anti-Semitism. The issue we are raising is that of the BREXIT debate being anti-eastern European.

We will be challenging the actions taken by Labour Party national officers reacting to complaints made to them.  We will making our own complaints about the treatment of Eastern Europeans relative to French Jews.  People all over the world apply for immigration for safety reasons there is no special arrangement specifically for jewish people.

Jewish people who vote Conservative are NOT above political scrutiny.

The BREXIT HATE directed at Eastern Europeans

British Royalists called Cromwell pro-jewish for decades.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Former Conservative Chancellor Nigel Lawson Applies For Residency In France.

Lord Nigel Lawson, the former Conservative Chancellor who sold off TRILLIONS of pounds of public assets during the Thatcher years has applied to live in France.

Flag-waving pro-BREXIT Lawson offended millions of older voters who voted to kick Churchill out in the 1945 landslide Labour victory election. Many of those voters had relatives who died in France and wanted to see a supportive state after the war.

Sky news reports

Daily Mail report on Lawson

The Failure Vocabulary Of Post-Thatcher Britain

Romford Conservatives Insult War Dead On Rememberance Sunday

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Don't Posh School Toffs Like Chelsea FC ? Is it personal ?

The owner of Chelsea FC, Roman Abramovich, has become an Israeli citizen after experiencing long delays in the processing of his UK visa.  

This seems a remarkably ungrateful way to treat a man who has made an enormous contribution to the quality of British football. 

The quality of British football is set to  decline following BREXIT - the very top players won't want to play outside the EU as it will affect their careers and their popularity with passionate EU football fans.

The TORY two-finger salute to Chelsea FC is in addition to the issue the Havering Witness has spent the last 40 years campaigning for. 

A previous vice-chair of Chelsea FC, Matthew Harding, died in a helicopter crash.  Journalist John Bauldie also died in the Harding crash - we believe that Mr Bauldie had told Mr Harding about the Havering College orchestrated crime scandal.

Youth offenders were deliberately enrolled at the college and a machine gun with live ammunition was test-fired and sold at the college. The Havering Witness justice campaign was founded by an eye-witness to these events. The police have always refused to take our witness statements despite numerous requests for a criminal investigation and to see justice done.

The special powers of Freemasonry and of Royal society has been evident to us throughout the last 40 years we have campaigned.  Whilst ignoring our evidence the culprits have spent their lives talking about decency and public service - it is truly amazing what the waving of flags can do.

Irish family member joined Romford Conservatives in 80's and Havering College of FE scandal soon followed